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Want to write for Travelers Drive? This is how you write for us!

Travelers drive is the community which is one stop destination to the world in few clicks. This year we have changed our decision as we want to see more opinions, voices, stories and tips that will add more to our travelers’ drive community.

We want people to add more to our site with helpful information and perception we might not have.

So, if you will to write for us, here are guidelines for post submissions:

What Content we want?

What kind of content we are looking for? We are interested in following topics or areas:

  1. Budget Travel Tips
  2. Travel Guides
  3. Luxury Adventures and Destinations
  4. Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America related content.
  5. Family Travel
  6. Solo Travel
  7. Travel gears & Travel Tech
  8. Things to do……

Most of our audience are people who are currently traveling or planning to travel in near future. They might be beginner or intermediate travelers. Hence, our focus is on giving them best directions, important tips and other alternatives that they shouldn’t miss.

How to submit a Post

Sent Email at info@travelersdrive.com with subject “New content writer” or Submit details at “Contact Us”

Email should include:

  1. Your travel history
  2. Your blog or channel
  3. A link to two other guest posts you’ve done
  4. Your topic idea(s), with suggested title(s) and description(s) of the article(s)

Travelers Drive Blogpost Submission Guidelines

What we are looking for good travel Article writers.

  • Traveler Drives only accepts original articles.
  • Please do not submit articles that you have published on another website or any other place.
  • The length of Article should be at least 1000 words as we prefer articles between 1200 – 2000 words.
  • Original photos will be really great and preferred.  If you do not have photos please let us know in advance.
  • Provide Blog Posts with at least 2 or 3 of your keyword(s).
  • Travelers drive team do not permit Plagiarism or copyright breach.
  • The spam score of website you are linking from, should not be more than 3%.

What we don’t accept:

We do not accept links for Casinos, Gambling, Marijuana, and Essay Writing services.