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Best Things to do in Liverpool

Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Liverpool

Swamped with art galleries, museums, and beautiful, historical landmarks, it is surprising how Liverpool has not gotten the attention of the tourism community. Recently, however, the city of Liverpool has managed to make a massive name for itself and has gathered popularity amongst travelers. Whether you are a sports enthusiast, a music lover, or just in love with arts, we assure you that this city has everything you would want on your vacations.

Although not in a lot of limelight, Liverpool’s facilities, thanks to recent developments, are on par with any other popular tourist destination. Art galleries are abundant, which is proven by the fact that the number of art galleries present in Liverpool is only second to London. The glorious Anfield, Liverpool football club’s stadium, has a vibe of its own. Keeping all that in mind, we understand that the various places to visit might leave you in confusion. Hence, we are here to tell you about the things to do in Liverpool so that you are informed about all the places you can visit and plan your trip accordingly.

1. Anfield

Anifield - Best Things to do in Liverpool

It is no wonder that the Anfield Stadium makes the top of the list. If you were to ask a local from Liverpool about the importance of this stadium, you would understand what it means to the people. Home of the reds since 1892, Anfield has been home to a lot of sports. Before the Liverpool FC took over, Anfield housed boxing matches, rugby as well as other sports. You can book a tour of the stadium where you get to see changing rooms which have been graced by players from all over the world. You can visit the club’s trophy cabinet to have a look at silverware the club has collected throughout its rich history. If you are a football fan, we would also advise you to experience a live match at the stadium. The atmosphere at Liverpool’s Anfield is said to be one of the most surreal experiences you can expect to have.

2. Sefton Park

Sefton Park

Adored by the people of Liverpool, Sefton Park is one of the best things to do in Liverpool. The park, although human-made, looks like a natural landscape ad is spread over almost 200 acres. This vast area houses the famous Botanical gardens of Liverpool along with dozens of distinctive curved paths bordered with indigenous British trees. You can spend a peaceful evening at Sefton Park when you are not looking for a busy evening. Come over to the park with your family, pick a spot, and relax in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

3. The Beatles

The Beatles

Beatles are another attraction point for tourists going to Liverpool. The incredibly famous band, The Beatles, took birth in the city of Liverpool. Numerous places within the town have been a part of the band’s history. From a single bus tour, tourists can visit the Cavern Club, where The Beatles made their debut. You can also visit the Beatles shop, formerly Paul McCartney’s home, which has now been developed into a museum attributed to the Beatles. The band used to rehearse in this very home, and a massive population of music fandom would do anything to have a look around. You can even see some of the memorabilia left over by the band in the house. Undoubtedly, one of the things to see and do in Liverpool.

4. Museum of Liverpool

Museum of Liverpool

The Museum of Liverpool was opened in 2011 and, since then, has been a popular tourist spot. The museum has displays ranging from Geography to history of the city of Liverpool along with art that portrays the unique culture of Liverpool. Located at Pier Head, the museum will inform you about the decorative arts and archaeological material that define the land of the Scousers. A truly epic collection of oral testimonies is also present in the museum. If you are looking for romantic things to do in Liverpool, a visit to the Museum of Liverpool will genuinely do your evening justice.

5. Albert Dock

Albert Dock - Best Place to Visit in Liverpool

A superb place to visit if you are looking for things to do in Liverpool, the Albert Dock is an area in the city restored through the process of gentrification. The decaying history in the pillars of Albert Dock is now surrounded by designer boutiques, bars, and restaurants for the tourists to enjoy. You can easily include a visit to the dock in between your visit to the Beatles Story Museum as they are nearby. The Albert Dock shows off the involvement of Victoria’s architecture in a way that truly dazzles the tourists.

6. St. George’s Hall

ST Georges Hall

Located on Brown Street, the St; George’s hall is another brilliant architectural masterpiece that can be found in Liverpool. The mesmerizing building includes some manifestation of Corinthian architecture. The room also possesses the world’s most significant organs, apart from statues and sculptures of the city’s heroes—an excellent way to kill some time if you are in the area.

7. Walker Art Gallery

Walker Art Gallery

As mentioned earlier, Liverpool is an excellent place for art enthusiasts and possesses many different art galleries. The Walker Art Gallery is another beautiful art gallery on the list which houses works by Italian, Flemish, and French artists. The tasks can be traced back to the 14th century, including some done by Gainsborough, Hogarth, and Moore. The paintings done by these masters show Liverpool’s history, culture, and traditions. One of the most famous paintings housed by the Walker art gallery is a scene at the Pierhead area of Liverpool known as ‘Sweethearts and wives.’ The walker art gallery is one of the top tourist attractions in Liverpool.

8. Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral

The catholic Metropolitan cathedral is a manifestation of the diversity of the city. Back in the 19th and 20th centuries, Liverpool was one of the most popular ports for travel by sea, which resulted in the Irish coming to Liverpool. The ones that settled were the reason for this beautiful structure. The Liverpool Cathedral portrays a cylindrical tower holding up a funnel-shaped structure. The building looks like a huge lantern and houses one of the most significant organs in the world.

9. Merseyside Maritime Museum

Merseyside Maritime Museum
Image by Flickr

Merseyside maritime museum is another top tourist attractions in Liverpool. The museum houses exhibitions based on the migration of the British to the North Americas through the port of Merseyside. Filled with masterpieces of model ships, workshops, and historic vessels, the maritime museum shows off the strong Liverpool history. The museum also possesses artifacts from Titanic and Lusitania as they had a secure link with Liverpool.

10. Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool
Image by Flickr

Tate Gallery in Liverpool is another thing to do in Liverpool if you have time on your hands. ‘Tate of the North,’ as called by the Scousers, is formed on the ground floor of a raw sugar storage warehouse. The art gallery contains works of contemporary art from renowned artists. The gallery also has some pieces of art loaned by the London gallery, so if you don’t have time to visit London, you can enjoy some of the masterpieces here in Liverpool.

11. Baltic Triangle

Baltic Triangle
Image by Flickr

For a casual and fun day out, the Baltic Triangle is the perfect place, and you should head out there for a day out with your family. The Baltic Triangle is an area in Liverpool where you can find indie start-ups in former warehouses. Located at Jamaica Street, the Baltic Triangle has everything to offer you. From Graffiti walls to canteen food, the Baltic triangle can prove to be a different experience from the ones you have had in England. The Baltic Triangle is also famous for its dance clubs and the rave culture. Truly one of the most creative places in the city and a place you should visit.

12. Radio City Tower

Radio City Tower

Last but not least, Radio City Tower is one of the best tourist attractions in Liverpool. Standing 400 feet tall, the Radio City Tower offers you a 360 view of the beautiful city. On more apparent days, you can see till as far as Cumbria and Snowdonia. The tower was made in the 1970s and used to be a famous restaurant. Now the owners have opened its doors for the tourists to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city.

The city of Liverpool is a sanctuary for its people. The people of Liverpool are submerged in the city’s culture and traditions. From art galleries to viewpoints, the town, recently, has become a top tourist destination and will continue to develop as one of the best places to visit in England, UK.

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