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Best Summer Destinations

Top 10 Places to Visit This Summer in India

In the year 2020, Coronavirus had forced people to remain imprisoned at home. In such a situation, everyone is planning a summer vacation this year. People are eager to go out with their friends, partner, or family now that the winters are ending.

Now the month of March has started, and people are planning to go on summer trips. Often, people are unable to decide which places they should choose to travel to. Most people get confuse about this matter.

Summer is a great time to explore nature, and you can choose to go to the warm beaches or choose to experience the coolness of the mountains. If you plan to travel somewhere for fun during the summer vacation, you are in the right place. Today, we will tell you about India’s ten best tourist destinations that are suited for the hot summer season.

1. Shillong:

The beautiful city of North East India, Shillong, is not only known as the capital of Meghalaya, but it is also known for its serene and beautiful resorts. The view of the beautiful, peaceful, and far-flung Umiam Lake is nothing less than a paradise. It is one of the favourite places to visit for the people of the North-East. It is also known as Scotland of the East. The clean environment, panoramic views, cool weather, and many scenic spots here adorn it. The waterfalls here look quite beautiful.

2. Kalimpong:

The weather at Kalimpong Hill Station, located in Darjeeling, West Bengal, is always pleasant. Tourists who come here enjoy trekking a lot. The mountains and beautiful paths here attract a lot of people. You cannot live without a camera in the beautiful view of Kalimpong from a hotel on a mountain.

3. Masinagudi:

30 km from Ooty, Masinagudi is a lush green area. Among the best places to visit here, Masinagudi is known for its flora along with peace and relaxation. If you have come to visit Ooty, do not forget to take 2-3 hours to go to Masinagudi. Night safari, jungle walking, and trekking can also be enjoyed at the resort here. There are a lot of activities that can be done here, so plan accordingly.

4. Ranikhet:

Ranikhet Adventures, located in the Almora district of Uttarakhand, is the best place for favourite people. There is something more fun to spend at this famous hill station. Tourists visiting here enjoy paragliding very much. Its said that Padmavati, the wife of King Sukhdev of Kumaon, liked the beauty of Ranikhet so much that he had decided to stay here. Since then, this place was named Ranikhet.

5. Kunnur:

The Kannur hill station in Tamil Nadu, famous for its tea gardens, is quite beautiful. It is situated on the Nilgiris hills and is 19 km from Ooty. The weather here is delightful. It is also a famous honeymoon destination.

6. Basunti:

Basunti area located near Himachal Pradesh is relatively peaceful and relaxed. This place is particularly known for yoga. You will meet a lot of people who come here for yoga classes, fishing and painting in the open air. Surrounded by mangoes, oranges, and papaya trees, Basunti’s view captivates the onlooker’s mind.

7. Nagini:

Located at a distance of 550 km from Delhi, there will be many beautiful views in Nagini. Nagini village is about 26 kilometres further on the banks of the river Larji. Many rare herbs are available here. If you are fond of trekking, you can roam around in the Himalayan National Park located here. If you plan to go on a trek, make sure you are equipped with proper trekking gear and you have an experienced trek guide with you. Suppose you want your trek to be a memorable experience. In that case, you can book your trek with reputed trekking companies like The Crazy Mountaineers so that you can avoid all the hassles and focus on your trekking experience.

8. Namik Ramganga Valley:

The plan to spend a holiday among the high and beautiful plains of the Himalayas is exciting and adventurous. The Namik-Ramganga Valley is situated between Nanda Devi and many Trishul villages, which is mainly known for its traditions and arts. The temples located here are famous all over India. Ramganga River is situated in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand. It is quite a pleasure to see the beautiful views around here.

9. Ghoom:

The beauty of Ghoom, situated at a distance of 6 km from Darjeeling, is also worth seeing. While going to Darjeeling’s Hill Cart Road, one has to go through the Ghoom railway station. You can again roam around in Ghoom via the toy train that covers high altitude places of Darjeeling. Ghoom is one such junction of Darjeeling from where the routes to different places get out. Such as the route to Sonada, Tung, and Kurseong cities pass through here.

10. Haflong:

Haflong Hill Station, popularly known as White Ant Hillock. It is located in Assam, 310 kilometres from Guwahati, known for its beautiful landscapes, lakes, and mountains. Haflong is the most visited tourist place in Assam. Blue mountains, rivers of different kinds of birds, orchids flowers add beauty to the place’s beauty.

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