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Things to do in Birmingham

Enjoying Birmingham the right way: Top 12 places to visit!

The second-largest city in Britain, Birmingham, is one of the go-to tourist spots in the world right now. From bold architecture to beautiful art galleries, the capital of Birmingham offers you dozens of things to do with your family and friends. Birmingham is famous for having canals that stretch throughout the city. These canals were created after the industrial revolution and are now part of the serene experience the city provides to its tourists. You will probably be surprised to know this, but Birmingham’s canal system is even more extensive than the one in Venice.

In recent years, the city has become famous for its jewelry. It attracts people from every corner of the world through its ecstatic history, mouth-watering delicacies, and beautifully preserved canals. To help you explore the city of Birmingham in all its glory, we advise you to go through this guide for things to do in Birmingham. We assure you that you will have an excellent trip if you visit the top 12 things to do in Birmingham that we have gathered in this guide. So, without further ado, let us move on to the list of things to do in Birmingham.

1. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham Museum
Image by Flickr

Are you an art enthusiast? Well then, the first place on your list of things to do in Birmingham should be this museum. The museum houses an extensive collection of Pre-Raphaelite paintings. We do advise you to put on your walking shoes because it is going to be a long journey through this museum. You can start from the sculpture of the Arch Angel, Lucifer, and make your way around the art gallery. Another impressive collection that you will find in this gallery is the most extensive collection of Anglo-Saxon gold ever seen. The place is a treasure trove that you can delve into. Moving on to the other parts of the museum, you will find artifacts from Roman, Greek, and Egyptian cultures, and the guided tours, if you get one, can explain the accounts of these findings in intricate details.

2. National Motorcycle Museum

National Motorcycle Museum - Best Things to do in Birmingham
Image by Wikimedia

How often would you come across a museum-based entirely on motorcycles? This museum is an opportunity you can make use of when visiting Birmingham. The museum Inaugurated in 1984, the National motorcycle museum in Birmingham,m is home to about 800 bikes made in Britain. The thing that makes this museum special is that it is entirely dominated by either bikes or items related to bicycles. The walls are covered with posters from throughout history and have fresh prints. The restaurant is not typical. It has a sort of a motorcycle service station theme to it, which adds to the experience of visiting the museum. For motorcycle junkies, the museum is an absolute gold mine because here, you can find bikes made by all kinds of brands. Even the company, Singer, the one that makes sewing machines, has bikes displayed at the museum. Therefore, this can prove to be a fun thing to do in Birmingham.

3. Villa Park Stadium

Villa Park Stadium
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As we all know is one of England’s cities that is famous for sports. The people of Birmingham are absolutely in love with football, rugby, and cricket. Their love manifests itself in the enormous crowds that gather at every other game. Villa Park is one such place where you can see the passion that the people of Birmingham have for football. Villa Park is the official football stadium for Aston Villa, the famous Premier League club, since 1897. The stadium has a seating capacity of almost 43,000 people and has been a large part of the England international football team throughout their history. You can book yourself a tour of the stadium or simply enjoy a home game for the Aston Villa Football Club.

4. Symphony Hall

Symphony Hall
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Another thing to do in Birmingham city is visiting the Symphony Hall. This generous space is the epitome of modern concert spaces. With audiences of almost 370,000 visiting Birmingham for practically 320 events every year, the symphony hall could genuinely be one of the most famous landmarks that exist within Birmingham city. The symphony hall is where Birmingham city’s symphony orchestra performs. However, the concert hall is not limited to bands only. You can even catch a show of folk or jazz music to please your ears.

5. Library of Birmingham

Library of Birmingham - Best Things to do in Birmingham
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You must be thinking, how does a library make its way to the list of things to do in Birmingham? Well, this is not just any library. The library of Birmingham is an enormous space that gives books and academia the attention it deserves. This library Inaugurated in 2013, the library of Birmingham replaced the Birmingham central library and was a part of the redevelopment project started in the city. At an estimated cost of about 188 million pounds, there is no doubt that this is a flagship project. The library is the most extensive public library in the United Kingdom and is also one of the most significant public cultural spaces in all of Europe.

6. Hippodrome

Hippodrome - One of the Best Things to do in Birmingham
Image by Wikimedia

One of the top places to visit in Birmingham is the Hippodrome, and a tour without going to this famous landmark is incomplete. The Hippodrome is Birmingham’s home for a remarkable production theatre. The theatre offers ample space for all sorts of plays and also has the technology to make games look as real as possible. From leaping lions to disappearing witches, the Hippodrome accommodates any kind of play one can think of. The Hippodrome also links up with ballet performances and houses a dance studio within the structure to promote ballet. This is one place you should visit on your trip to Birmingham.

7. St. Phillips Cathedral

St. Phillips Cathedral
Image by Flickr

Created as a new parish church, St Phillip’s cathedral was built in 1975. The specialty of this church is that architecture is one of the rare examples of Baroque style structures. The church still keeps its old status of being a regular church. However, the building carries immense importance in the history of Birmingham. The stained windows of the church are also considered a masterpiece made by Edward-Burne Jones. If you are visiting Birmingham, you should visit places that safeguard the culture and history of this beautiful city. The St Phillip’s cathedral is one such place.

8. Birmingham Back to Backs

Birmingham Back to Backs
Image by Wikimedia

The one thing that tourists love is to see a place that has a story to it. Birmingham back to backs offers a regular account, but the way the area is preserved is something to appreciate. Birmingham, back to ends, is the last surviving court of back to back houses. These were houses that shared courtyards and grew significantly as an after-shock of the industrial revolution. As the industrial revolution hit the small city of Birmingham, the population started to grow, and to contain this growing population, courts like Birmingham back to backs emerged. The kind of houses that were part of this court was deemed an unsatisfactory construction and were then made obsolete, making these houses one of a variety. Visiting this place is a fun thing to do in Birmingham.

9. Peaky Blinders Tour

Peeky Blinder Tour
Image by Flickr

For people who have watched this famous show, the peaky blinders tour is a must. While we know that Birmingham had a rich culture and an astounding history that is preserved within the many structures present in the city, something that most tourists are unaware of is that Birmingham used to be a city where gangs roamed freely in the street. These gangs were extremely powerful and controlled the governments as well. The peaky blinders were one such gang who has left its mark and has even had a TV show based on it. With this tour, you can visit numerous places in Birmingham where the show was filmed.

10. The jewellry quarter

The Jewellary Quater
Image by Flickr

The city of Birmingham is famous for its jewelry. Whether it be an antique style ring or a modern necklace lined with gemstones, you can find anything of your preference in Birmingham. The jewellry quarter situated in Birmingham is home to most of the jewelry business present in the city. An estimated 40% of all jewelry that traded in the United Kingdom comes from this area within the town. The jewelry quarter has also been a considerable part of the development of the city, offering jobs to about 30,000 people and being the pioneers of industrial advancement.

11. Barber Institute of fine arts

Barber Institute of Fine Arts
Image by Wikimedia

Situated within the University of Birmingham, the Barber Institute of fine arts is an exquisite art gallery and concert hall. The building was made in the 1930s and was considered one of the best pieces of English architecture the country had ever seen. The structure of this building shows a concert hall in the middle, surrounded by offices, libraries, and other exhibits. The famous art gallery of the Barber institute is situated on the first floor.

12. Cadbury world

Cadbury World
Image by Flickr

A world of chocolate. What more could anyone want? The Cadbury world is one of the most beautiful attractions in the city and something for kids to do in Birmingham. The old-world Bournville village encapsulates the aromas of the chocolate produced in the Cadbury world. This chocolate heaven offers you an informative tour of the production of chocolate and some enjoyable rides through the production cycle of chocolate. You can have the perfect Willy Wonka experience here with your kids. If that isn’t enough, you have the biggest Cadbury store at your service, where you can find delicacies that cannot be found anywhere else.

From the aromatic Cadbury world to the finest of art galleries in Birmingham, the city bustles with tourists in the recent past. The city of Birmingham has tons to offer to its tourists with its awe-inspiring architecture, rich history, and magnificent concert halls. Be sure to refer to this list of things to do in Birmingham for the best experience.

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