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Things to Know Before Visiting Austria

Things to know before visiting Austria

One always plans things before visiting a place like Austria. You learn about the places to visit, the culture of that place and what kinds of people live there. You further investigate about the security of that place along with calculating your total budget. Then you look up to the environment of that country and how long you will have to stay there. The list won’t end because there are numerous things to look up to before packing up for your journey.

If you are looking for things to know before you visit Austria and things to do in Austria then this a complete guide for you.

1. Resting Days

Of course, when you visit a place, you should know about their holidays so you can plan your traveling days accordingly. Sunday is a rest day in Austria, and you will find all the markets closed. Austrians mainly make sure that no business routine is carried out this day.

However, you won’t get bored on Sunday because you can enjoy having a closer look at nature instead of roaming in the mall.

2. Please don’t mix them with Germans

One of the most important things to know before visiting Austria is that they are not Germans, so don’t make the mistake of calling them one. Like all other nations, Austrians are proud of their identity and feel humiliated when they are called Germans. Of course, everyone would want to have their own identity.

3. Sound of Music

It is a common misconception that the ‘sound of music’ has a connection to Austria. This movie is just a Hollywood made distortion of the story of ‘Von Trap Family.’ Austrians feel annoyed when they are bothered by questions such as ‘Have you seen the sound of music?’

Neither have Austrians seen this movie and nor do they care about watching it. Thus, don’t irritate your hosts.

4. Punctuality

If you are visiting Austria then ensure punctuality. Being punctual is like a norm in Austria, and they take it very seriously. If you have to catch up with your friends or attend a meeting in Austria, then be there at the exact time. It will lead to a terrible impact of yours if you are even a minute late.

5. The importance of greetings

Your hosts are amiable and warm welcoming. Just like punctuality, Austrians are very particular about their greetings as well. They will always welcome you with a ‘hi’ or to be exact ‘Grüß Gott’ (the Austrian word for hello).

These small gestures of Austrians brighten the day of their visitors who feel welcomed to the country.

6. Purity of water

An advantage of visiting Austria is that the water that you find in Austria is so pure and clean that it is rated amongst the top five best drinking waters. Water is so much purified that some even say that the water in sinks of the washroom is also safe enough to drink. However, before quenching your thirst from the washroom’s sinks, make sure that there is no sign saying ‘Not drinking water’.

7. Mouth-watering desserts

Austria is famous for its desserts. Once you try their desserts, you would want to replace it with your savory food as well. These are some of the desserts which can replace your main platters as well:

  • Mohnnudeln
  • Palatschinken
  • Germknödel
  • Apfelstrudel
  • Kaiserschmarren

The Austrians also invented the very famous croissants (although there is a misconception that the French invented it).

8. The Beauty of Lakes

You can also enjoy the beaches, and the beauty of its lakes is also quite well known. Although it may be an intriguing point for some people that Austria has pleasant beaches, it is true! The magnificent sight of beaches is still jammed in my mind: the sparkling water surrounded by majestic mountains. It is undoubtedly a sight to see!

9. Always in the mood for the party

As one mentions of Austria, how can they not include Vienna in it specifically? Full of party-loving and energetic people, Vienna never sleeps. They would always go about enjoying around the place, and you would find them exhausted and tired in the morning.

10. Beauty lies in the journey

The real beauty of traveling to any destination is not the place itself but the roads that lead to it. Austria has the most beautiful trails, which will make your visit much more fun. The roadside views will ensure the beauty of this country. Smooth roads aligned with glorious mountains would make your trip a memorable one.

11. Language

Austrians do not speak German; instead, they have their blend of language. They talk about a mixture of German and their native language. Thus, this is known as the Austrian German language. There are slight differences between German and Austrian German, so if you have a good grasp of German, then in no time will you learn this new, mixed version?

12. Taxes are not hidden

Isn’t it annoying that you end up having more bills due to the hidden taxes whenever you order something? However, in Austria, you don’t have to worry about this because Austrians display their prices ultimately (including the fees).

This policy is applied to all restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores, and markets. Thus, you will always know what you have to pay.

13. Nothing is free

You won’t get anything free in Austria, be it a train ticket or pre-served bread in a restaurant. Many people end up thinking that public transportation is free in Austria, but no, it isn’t. On the other hand, it is operated on the honor system.

Similarly, in restaurants, waiters serve you with bread before your meal is ready, and naturally, as a tourist, you would start munching on it, thinking it is free. But it isn’t! You will have to pay for every bite you eat.

14. Traffic Policies

Austria is very particular about its policy, so you are obliged to follow the traffic rules. You cannot move around freely, even if there are no cars; you still have to wait until the signal is evident. Thus, follow the traffic regulations, or you will have to pay a considerable fine.

15. Smoking: A common habit

Be aware that smoking is prevalent in Austria, which can make you a second-hand smoke. There is no place in Austria where smoking is prohibited. However, in bars and restaurants, you cannot smoke around in all areas. There is a special place designated for smoking.


Before visiting Austria, do know that it is packed with adventurous and entertaining sites. This little knowledge about Austria will fill your trip with much more fun. When you know all the details about a place, there is nothing else left to worry about! Thus, pack your luggage and book your tickets for departure.

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