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How to Make Money Traveling

Creative Ways to How to Make Money While Traveling

If you are obsessed with traveling, then you must be spending too much money on it. Maybe you start spending on it more than you earn. Want to know about how to make money and travel jobs?

12 Ways to Make Money Traveling

By the end of this article, you would have learned about 12 different ways to make money from your hobby.

1. Become an English Teacher

The most in-demand language after the native language of any country is English. Easily understood and taught worldwide, this language can help you fill your pockets. It would be best if you had a good grasp of this language and should have some teaching skills. Once you travel to your dream destination, you can apply for a post for an English teacher. Once you make enough money, you can further go into the world and continue spreading knowledge along with enjoying traveling.

If you do not want to apply for a job at schools or institutes (as the whole process takes a lot of time), you can make use of the online portals for teaching English and how to make money while traveling.

In some countries, their native people lack these skills of English and there you can play your trump card. It is most likely that you would end up earning $1000 – $3000 per month!

2. Travel Writing Services

If you are a digital nomad and your hobbies include writing along with traveling as well, then you have got a great opportunity of earning money by combining both your hobbies.

Freelancing is famous all around the world and is making its root stronger day by day. Especially, youngsters are making great use of this platform, so you can also try your skills here by providing travel writing services.

You can contribute as a magazine writer, blog writer, tourism board writer, or tourist guide writer. On the other hand, you can also write ghostwritten articles or blogs. You can earn up to $1 per word that you write!

3. Become an Influencer

It is a little challenging to influence people and convince them to agree with you. However, if you are an actual traveler and explorer, you can make money traveling by becoming an Influencer.

All you need to do is describe people about your journey, inform them of dangerous routes or places that are not worth visiting, encourage them for visiting places that are wonders, and elaborate to them the new explorations that you make.

How to make money while traveling the more you influence the people, the more money you make. In other words, the more the people follow you, the better it is. As a beginner, you can have the jackpot of earning $300-$500, and once you become a celebrity influencer, you earn up to $3000-$4000!

4. Become House-Sitter

Another job for travelers can be house sitting. All you have to do is take care of someone’s house while they are gone. Isn’t this easy? I am sure it is a huge responsibility; however, it has many advantages as well.

You get to have a place to live; thus, your expenses on hotel and restrooms are cut down to zero, and you also get paid by the housekeeper for taking care of their house while they were gone. You can approximately make $25- $30 per day!

5. Become Travel Photographer

Who does not take pictures while traveling? I am sure no one does that. Otherwise, what is the use of traveling to do somewhere so far when you don’t even capture memories? This is the easiest way to make money traveling.

All that you need is a good camera and some photography skills. It is not an ordinary skill; however, with a camera in your hand all the time, you can master it very soon. Thus, you have to capture the most beautiful and breath-taking scenarios in your camera. It is your choice; whether you want to sell it to magazines and tourism websites directly or want to publish it online. You can earn in a range of $1000 – $10,000 per month!

6. Travel Vlogger

If you are still wondering about how to travel and make money, then travel vlogging is the field just for you. From a kid four years old to an older person, everyone is obsessed with YouTube these days, which is vlogging is making its way in earning money.

All that you need is a camera, and you can shoot your travel journey. With smartphones everywhere, I don’t think that having a camera is an issue. Thus, all that is left now is pulling your travel journey. It is a straightforward and creative way because not only are you increasing peoples’ knowledge about your travel destination, but you are also preserving your travel memories. If you have a good number of subscribers on your page, you can earn up to $3000 per month!

7. Become Travel Blogger

Another way to earn while traveling is through blogging. It again requires some writing skills to describe your travel journey in words. It would be best to inform people about how you reached your destination, what you did there, where you stayed, which place you would recommend, and which one would not. You need to tell every detail that can be shared with people and engage them in reading your blog.

The competition is increasing in the blogging market, so it is essential to come up with creative and new ideas. The primary key to earning through blogging is: never lose hope and keep up posting good stuff. The number of viewers on your blog determines how much you get paid, so the pay scale varies from $100 – $30,000+ per month.

8. Start E-Commerce Business

Everything is going digital these days, which is why business setups are making their way to E-commerce. You can also make use of these online platforms for making money while traveling.

It requires you to buy a business domain about the particular niche on which you want to build your E-commerce, and then you can start selling. It is as simple as that! You do not have to be a master of many skills of a web developer. With a single investment, you can earn approximately $39,000.

9. Travel Tour Guide

Whenever you visit any place for the first time, you must have hired a tourist guide to help you get to know the place deeply. Thus, travel tourist guides are in demand at every tourist destination. Once you explore a place thoroughly and get the complete insight into the place, you can work as a tour guide of how to make money while traveling.

There are many institutions where you can polish your skills as a guide. This travel job will not only help you earn money but also increase your knowledge. It is exciting you travel to your dream destination and get paid for explaining other people the history, artifacts, or travel destinations of that place.

Traveling, seeking knowledge, and sharing knowledge, all under one roof. This can help you earn up to $10,000 per month!

10. Yoga Instructor

Yoga is the most peaceful form of exercise, and it is performed in various countries. Becoming a yoga instructor can earn you a good deal!

All you need is to be a certified yoga instructor or trainer, and then you can pass on your skills to others. This is the most peaceful form of earning money, as not only will you acquire the skills to relax your nerves but also help others maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can get from $30 to $100 per hour!

11. Travel Instructor

A travel instructor plays the same role as a teacher in school. In other words, a travel instructor is supposed to guide and teach about the travel instructions. If you are a true travel lover, then you must have good know-how about traveling directions. Thus, you can pass on your knowledge to others and get paid for it.

You can earn up to $12 – $16 per hour for it!

12. Rent out your Living Space

Last but not least, you can rent out your living space to other people while you go. Once you have planned on for your trip, why would you need your living space for the next few months or days, so isn’t it worth renting it to others. Your earnings depend on the size of your living space.

Thus, how to make money while traveling that your passion for traveling never ends! All these tricks for earning money along with traveling will not benefit your traveling hobby, but you might end up earning an extra living. Thus, keep on traveling and keep on earning!

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