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Things to do in Vienna

Flourishing with History – Vienna

The heart of Austria and its capital, Vienna, is known for its historical charm and essence. Moreover, this place’s real beauty is captivated in its museums, classical music, and antique art. The clean air, welcoming hosts, safe environment, and spectacular sceneries have drawn several tourists towards Vienna. The imperial buildings and dressings will give you a sense of an old period. However, the real truth lies beneath these outer shells. The people of Vienna are as modern and up to date as everyone else in the world. They feel pride in their cultures and historical time and have kept it alive with their customs.

It would help if you dug deeper into the place to explore the real tourist in Vienna. Once you get your hands on the things to do in Vienna, you will automatically relish your time there.

1. Museum of Fine Arts (Kunsthistorisches Museum)

Museum of Fine Arts - One of Best Things to do in Vienna

An extraordinary museum in Vienna decorated with beautiful art dating back to the ancient Greek period will take your breath away. You will also find old Egyptian objects and artifacts displayed in the museum, which add to its beauty. Tourists find this place highly attractive, and if you are a profound historic lover, then I would suggest you spend at least 2-3 hours in this place.

Tourists highly appreciate how well the authorities have maintained the building. During summers, it operates daily from 10 am to 6 pm. If you are taking your kids along then, they can experience the historic nature free of cost (if they are below 19).

2. House of Music (Haus der Musik)

Haus der Musik
Image by Flickr

As I had mentioned above, the classical music of Vienna is famous worldwide. This museum preserves the art of music within it, so why not spend 2-3 hours in this place and relish Vienna’s melodious voices? The museum showcases the work of some of the most popular and elite musicians. The entire space is allotted to Vienna Philharmonic, where you can virtually play music.

Fan of classical music? Then this is one of the best things to do in Vienna, Austria. The museum is open for you to explore from 10 am to 10 pm and has economical rates for adults and visitors. Are you a student? Then you can avail of the student discount offer as well.

3. Vienna State Opera

Vienna State Opera - Best Things to Do in Vienna

Vienna is flowing with music and art, so here is another fantastic art inspired premier venue. This place has been operating since 1986, and interestingly it has never lost its charm. The Staatsoper still show performances there, but if you want, you can explore the magnificent place. A 40 minutes tour is conducted every day to take you around the site. You can also have a sight of the backstage preparations on this tour.

In April, May, June, and September, you can enjoy opera free of any cost. Otherwise, you will have to spend some money on the ticket, but if you are an opera lover, you will find it worth the price.

4. Hofburg Palace

Hofburg Palace - One of The Best Things to Do in Vienna

Ever experienced a small city within a large city? Well, Hofburg Palace is such a place situated in Vienna. The 13th-century palace has numerous spots for you to visit, and to get the most from this place, you will have to book at least half a day from your tour. The best part of this palace is in the middle, where there is most attraction.

Are you still thinking about what to do when in Vienna? Visiting the Hofburg Palace on Sunday is the best because you can enjoy the Vienna Boy’s choir. Tickets are a bit costly, but the entire price is worth it when it comes to royalty. The Hofburg Palace is going to be open for you every day from 9 am to 6 pm, but they can reduce their time to 5:30 pm depending on the season.

5. MuseumsQuartier Wien

MuseumsQuartier Wien
Image by Flickr

The most famous Vienna things to do are visiting historical places. Thus, situated in the southwest section of the Ringstrasse is the enormous museum that holds many top-notch museums. You will need at least half a day to explore this place in-depth, but it is recommended to spend a full day and enjoy the most.

If you are interested in art, then you should head straight to the Leopold Museum. It houses the most spectacular Austrian masterpieces. Next to it is the museum of modern art. The series of brilliant art won’t end here, and you can explore further until the architecture center. If your kids accompany you on your trip, then ZOOM Kindermuseum’s interactive displays are their place to enjoy and explore. It is possible that you get tired by wandering all over the site and resting on the colorful coaches displayed in the plaza.

6. Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ at the Upper Belvedere Palace

Image by Flickr

For all those fond of art, they must have heard of the famous painting ‘The Kiss,’ which was the last painting made by Gustav Klimt’s Golden Period framed as one of the most iconic and beautiful masterpieces in art.

This masterpiece has been the center of attention for years. People from all over the world went to have a glimpse of it. If you understand art and the beauty that lies within it, then you will decipher the heart-touching message delivered to the views by the painting.

7. Vienna Zoo (Tiergarten Schönbrunn)

Tiergarten Schönbrunn

If you are wondering what to do in Vienna other than visiting historical places, here is the answer: visit the Vienna zoo. The zoo has more than 750 species that make the trip worth the fun for kids. Visiting this place was one of the best things to do in Vienna because I adore pandas. This place has a large number of pandas, including adorable little cubs.

The fascinating creatures and interactive rainforest, along with aquarium, give rise to the excitement of kids. It is always a fun family experience if you give it proper time. Don’t be in a hurry, and let your kids enjoy entirely.

8. Sigmund Freud Museum

Sigmund Freud Museum
Image by Wikimedia

The range of museums won’t end in Vienna. Sigmund Freud was the founder of psychoanalysis and lived in Berggasse 19 until 1938 when the Nazis’ forced him and his family to flee to England. Today the site is a museum where you can watch rare archive footage of Freud. You will learn a lot about the hard work and scientific developments made by the great scientist.

You can read a little about some of the most intriguing patients of Freud. Along with exploring Vienna’s golden age, you can also get small presents to treat yourself from the gift shop.

9. Prater Amusement Park

Prater Amusement Park

Another one of the best things to do in Vienna for kids is to visit the Prater Amusement park. You will feel like you are entering a small new world of adventure and fun. This place is packed with fun and enjoyment for people of all ages. If you are looking for thrilling rides, if you won’t sit back and enjoy nature, this park has covered it all for you.

You will find an old fashioned theme park, as well as newly created Dinosaur Park here. The rarest and fantastic thing about this park is its Giant Wheel, which will take you to the top and let you enjoy a splendid view. Furthermore, there is the Prater Ziehrer Monument, which exhibits a larger than life statue. Danube Park is also worth a visit.

10. Naschmarkt


One of the things to do in Vienna is to enjoy fresh and quality food offered in a clean open environment. What is the use of traveling if you don’t go for shopping? Vienna also realizes this point, which is why they have this famous market: Naschmarkt. Just take out 1-2 hours from your day to buy high-quality products. The market is considered one of Vienna’s most important markets that provides you with fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and other local items.

There is no entry fee to this place, so go without any tension even if you are tight on budget. The market is generally open from 6 am to 7:30 pm. However, the market gets highly crowded, so try to avoid peak times and make a visit early.


Traveling is never dull, but traveling to the right place brings out the most fun and adventure. Vienna is famous for its genuine and authentic reasons. It is a fun-filled place overflowing with history. Whether you plan a trip with your friends or with your family, Vienna won’t disappoint you with its hostility and beauty.

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