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Best Things to do in Toronto

Let’s Explore The Beauty of Toronto

Planning to choose a holiday destination? The decision must be confusing. Let me help you decide. Ever heard of Toronto? It can be the perfect travel destination for you and your family. There is a vast range of things to do in Toronto. Numerous eye-catching places serve as an attraction to tourists, which is why Toronto lies in the top countries for tourism. It’s been quite some time that I have returned from Toronto, but this place just won’t get out of my mind.

Best Things To Do In Toronto

Let’s start exploring things to do in Toronto and have a closer look at its recreational spots.

1. CN Tower

CN Tower - One of the best things to do in toronto

If you are fond of tall, luxurious, breathtaking buildings, then let me assure you that CN tower will serve you right. It is a 553.5m high tower located in Downtown, Toronto. The CN Tower held the record of being the largest building in the world for 32 years. Moreover, declared to be one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineering. When I visited the high CN tower, I could not get my eyes off its large structure, so finely constructed.

Activities at CN tower:

Just imagine yourself in a glass closed elevator taking you 447 meters high from the ground, and then when you reach the top, the view will just take your breath away. It provides you a 360-degree view of Toronto, and you can also see the beautiful Lake Ontario. To describe my feelings precisely, I would just quote the famous saying: ‘It feels like you are on top of the world!’ It is the perfect spot for those who love photography.

However, there must be people who are scared of heights, so let’s engage you in some ground beauty in Toronto.

2. Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands

Toronto Islands, which were previously known as Island of Hiawatha which are a chain of small islands in Lake Ontario. Winters may be the perfect time of year to visit these islands as the usual crowds become non-existent, and you can have a chance to explore the beauty of nature in a peaceful environment.

Activities at Toronto Island:

This time of year would benefit those as well who are fond of skiing just like me. Not only this, but you can also enjoy the pleasure of ice skating. The list of activities does not end here as you can also seek snowshoeing and venture off-trail to explore more of the Island. These are the best things to do in Toronto in winter.

However, it’s not only made for winters, but summers also provide you plenty of activities to engage in. You can paddle around Lake Ontario or bike around the Island. Moreover, kids can have their part of enjoyment by paying a visit to Centreville Amusement Park.

If you are still not impressed by Toronto, then it might be that you are a history lover so let’s take a look at the things to do in historical places of Toronto.

3. Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum
Image by Flickr

Royal Ontario Museum is another perfect destination for history-loving people. It contains art, world culture, and natural history. It serves as an attraction for over a million people every year. Thus, it makes the Royal Ontario Museum as the most visited museum in Canada.

Activities at Royal Ontario Museum:

This museum is flooding with history and its artifacts. It’s the dream place for any historian. You can study large sculptures of stone, bronze, iron and wood. From war artifacts to ancient tombs, from rare species of animals to examining ancient art, Royal Ontario Museum contains history for all kind of historians.In addition to this, there is a special Friday Night Live where you can eat, drink and enjoy. Yet again, this place won’t leave kids behind and provides them entertainment through special programs like Kids’ Day Camp.

4. Humber River

Humber River
Image by Flickr

Another nature on the grounds of Toronto is the sparkling river flowing at the west end of Toronto. Humber River is known to be the only Canadian heritage river and is known for its recreational values. It was officially designated under the Canadian Heritage River System.

Activities at Humber River:

You can explore the history of the Humber River along with capturing its beautiful spots. There are various events conducted at Humber River. In my visit, I got to be part of the workshop on Birds of Prey, which not only helped increase my knowledge but also gave me the chance to explore nature intimately. This place won’t bore your kids as there are various parks located near Humber River, which are the perfect spots for children.

If you are looking for some artistic place to visit, then things to do in Toronto has something up its sleeve here as well.

5. Art Gallery of Ontario

Art Gallery of Ontario

A famous place for art lovers is the Art Gallery of Ontario, which is located in the Grange Park neighborhood of downtown Toronto. It contains almost 9800 breathtaking collections. Various art collections engross you entirely into themselves. When I looked at the massive collection of art, I could not stop thinking about the talent that this world contains, and I am sure when you will pay a visit here, your thoughts will be the same.

Activities at Art Gallery of Ontario:

When it comes to rediscovering art, this gallery of art in Ontario will never disappoint you. You get to visit the majesty of art and get a chance to travel around the world through the artifacts and collections preserved at the gallery. You can navigate through different models of ships, along with taking part in art courses and workshops.

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6. Distillery District

Distillery District - One of the best things to do in toronto

Distillery District, which is located east of downtown, is commercial and residential in Toronto. It is rich in culture as it comprises more than 40 heritage buildings. It is the center of attraction for art lovers.

Activities at Distillery District:

Art lovers from all over the world come to visit galleries and outdoor sculptures. To add in their interests, dance, music, and stage performances are also shown at the area’s several theatres. Distillery Districts also contains several shopping places, and not only this, but delicious mouth-watering cuisines are also served at various dining halls. Various events are also held from time to time, which attracts several people to it.

7. Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre

Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre
Image by Flickr

Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre are two large theaters stacked above one another, which provide attraction not only to the artist but historian too. It is rich in culture and artistically well managed. These theaters can accommodate a large number of people.

Activities at Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre:

Different shows are presented from time to time, proving that it is a great classic theater. Tourists also guide available, which can show you around the magnificent historic theaters. Moreover, this place can be captured beautifully by photographers.

8. Ontario Science Centre

Ontario Science Centre
Image by Flickr

Ontario Science Centre is a famous science museum located near Don Valley Parkway. It has welcome more than 48 million people for various experiences in science and technology. It is one of the most significant cultural attractions which aim at free-choice science learning experiences for people of all ages.

Activities at Ontario Science Centre:

This place will bring out the scientist that lies within you. Not only will you get to increase your knowledge but also develop a love for science. Imagine being in space while you are on land. Isn’t this mind-boggling? Ontario Science Centre helps you get a closer look at the area. It also has its science arcade, which is full of enjoyment and fun for kids. Moreover, it also contains The Planetarium, The Living Earth, Forest Lane, and much more. Does this not teach excitement in you?

9. Harbourfront Centre

Harbourfront Centre - Best things to do in toronto

Harbourfront is located on the waterfront of Toronto, which is a key cultural organization. It works with more than 450 organizations and conducts more than 4000 events each year. It includes a wide range of activities, from theater to literature, from music to dance, from films to visual arts and crafts. Thus, this again serves as a destination for entertainment.

Activities at Harbourfront Centre:

This place is full of excitement and fun for people of all ages. You can have a look at Canada’s contemporary dance, celebrate various cultures, and enjoy different cuisines at festivals. Kids are not left behind here as well, camps for kids are offered in March break. If you are a shopaholic, then you can take advantage and go around shopping as well, like me. There is also a craft and design studio where you will find five practical workshops of glass, textiles, ceramics, metal, and design, attracting artisans and artists towards it.

10. The National Ballet of Canada

The National Ballet of Canada
Image by Flickr

The national ballet of Canada is a ballet company with over 70 dancers and has its orchestra. This company was laid by one of the great ballerinas of her time, Karen Kain. This ballet not only performs traditional classics but also encourages the creation of new modern ballet.

Activities at The national ballet of Canada:

The national ballet of Canada conducts beautiful, mesmerizing performances every then and now. I visited one of its shows, which has left an everlasting impact on my memory, so you should also try visiting any show. Alice in the wonderland, the nutcracker, and many more of such displays are among the favorites of tourists. In addition to this, you can also attend the studio classes offered to people of all ages. In times where everything is going digital and behind the screen, doesn’t see something live feel exciting? You can capture every moment, feel every expression, and sink in with every character.

11. St. Lawrence Market

ST. Lawrence Market

If none of this has impressed you or convinced you, then I am sure this will. Who does not enjoy eating? If you are a food lover, then the St.Lawrence Market is the best place to visit. It is a primary public market in Toronto located along the front street East. It was named the best food market by National Geographic in 2012.

Activities at St.Lawrence Market:

This place is always crowded with lovely people and delicious food. There is a wide range of cuisines available in this market to satisfy the taste buds of every person. No one is ever disappointed by the quality and taste of food served there. So, just stroll down to the market and have the feeling of one of the best food that you ever had.

12. Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo

No place is ever known to be an excellent tourist destination unless it has entertainment for kids. Thus, Toronto won’t disappoint you here as well, with its Toronto Zoo located in Scarborough. It divides into seven zoographic regions and contains some of the most beautiful animals. It is home to over 5000 different animals.

Activities at Toronto Zoo:

There is a wide range of things to do in Toronto with kids. Toronto Zoo contains a wide range of events and exciting activities beginning with the Terra Lumina, where you travel into the future of harmony and peace. Moreover, you get to have a close experience with animals. There are various attractions at the zoo, like Splash Island, greenhouse, and much more. The series of excitement does not end here as you can also attend various events conducted at Toronto Zoo. Isn’t this just the perfect place for kids? Indeed it is! So what are you waiting for; grab your tickets to explore these amazing places and be a part of these exciting activities yourself.


Toronto offers you fun and indulging activities for people of ages. You can pay a visit to Toronto alone, with friends or with your family, I am sure you will end up having the best experience and make everlasting memories. So what are you waiting for; grab your tickets and explore these amazing places and be a part of the above mentioned exciting activities yourself.

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