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Things to do in Mexico City

5 Best Things To Do in Mexico City

It can be a daunting task for you if you choose to do the best things in Mexico City. It is so hard because there are several places where you can go with your partner or family in Mexico City. Take a task to explore the city which can give you so many experiences.

In this article, you will get a list of things which you can do after visiting Mexico City. Mexico is the oldest metropolis in the Americas which has rich histories. You can do many activities like you can spend your time at the park, you can take your meal at a famous restaurant, etc.

There are so many museums and parks available in this Mexico city. It does not matter how you have spent your time in Mexico City. If you visit here once then you will plan for the second trip. It is also impossible to visit all places in one go. You want to visit this destination in your budget then book your ticket with Volaris Airlines Reservations anytime. This airline gives you many offers on your ticket so can save more money and travel more.

See here the list of things that you can do after visiting Mexico City.

1. At La Lagunilla you can buy antiques

It is one of the most famous markets located in Mexico City. You will see several stalls in the streets of a district known as Morelos which is very close to Tepito. At 6 am you will see that all sellers come to this place. It happens only every Sunday. In this market, you will find many items such as clothes, vintage furniture, etc. You are going to get here various things like analog cameras and some old and famous paintings.

2. In the Historic Centre, you can visit an old bookstore

If you are a book lover then this is the place for you where you can enjoy old books also. If you are looking for your favorite novel’s first edition. You can pick out any book and add it to your book collection. You can buy books here on a low budget. There is El Laberinto which has a fantastic stock list where you can get all the novels by Vladimir Nabokov and Agatha Christie.

3. Visit the twilight zone of Rum and Cigars

Have you heard the name Polanco in Mexico City? If not, then if you ever get the chance to visit Mexico city must visit this place where you have to go to the 3rd floor of Moliere 48 which is very mysterious. Do you want to know the mysterious things about this place? You knew there will be a red telephone where you can enter a code ‘ cigar’ which will take you to heaven where you will get a whisky, rum, and cigar all together.

4. Museums at Night

Some beautiful things can be watched at night. Like you do not need the ray of light to see something like a pearl. This concept which we call museum night came to Berlin first. It was around 1997. In Mexico, every month you can enjoy museums night. You are going to get many offers like workshops, tours, guided visits, etc including many activities on the night.

Come out the last Wednesday of every month to enjoy yourself loudly in the cultural hotspot of the city at night. There are many airlines that offer deals on Wednesday so call on Air Canada Airlines Telefono to know about the latest deal.

5. Magic show & Medieval style diner

In 1972, there was a themed restaurant named the Meson del Cid. The style of the restaurant is like a beautiful castle. The restaurant is made up of armor, dar vanishes, stained glass windows, etc. Must visit this restaurant on Saturdays because you can enjoy medieval nights on these days at 8.30 pm. You will get a jug of red wines along with a 4 times menu.


Here we have discussed the 5 best things to do in Mexico City for travelers who want to explore Mexico. If you are the person who wants to enjoy your next desire trip with your family in Mexico. Then you need to read out this article that will help you a lot to know about the best places to visit in Mexico if you are going to visit this destination.

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