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Things to do in Los Angeles

Top-Rated Things Not To Be Missed When In Los Angeles

When it comes to favorite places, Los Angeles takes away the cake. A delightful city that will never bore you off or put you in a miserable state while roaming around. Los Angeles, the capital of dreams and delight, happiness, cultural attractions, and landmark attractions, is on top-notch. A tourist always has a knack for exciting places that are different from the other. Not everyone gets to visit what their heart wants, so how about an insightful read on the things to do when it is Los Angeles.

Many of us are lazy bummers and often feel that there are no things to do in Los Angeles because we have not come across interesting pieces of information. Reading is good for health, and reading an informative article won’t cost much, so I request: Let the other social networking sites rest for some time and brace up!

I will take you on a trip to LA, no bumpy rides, no unnecessary expenditure, and hassle but indeed an adventurous tour to the places you never have heard about.

1. The Getty Center

The Getty Center - One of the Best Things to do in Los Angeles
Image by Flickr

If you have a knack for art, then this is the place to be. An exceptional museum known for its architecture and charming views demands your attention. While focusing on other things to do in Los Angeles, don’t forget to spend some hours contemplating a place that screams talent and art! The view of Santa Monica from its French windows is breathtaking. My fellow tourist friends say that the Getty Center Gardens are a must-watch. This dramatic building is not just for those who like to contemplate art. The minute details and surroundings that captivate a forlorn heart make it at the top of this list.

2. Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory - Things to do in Los Angeles

Spa costs too much to relieve stress and anxiety, so Griffith Observatory provides an opportunity to get a long-lasting treatment. A piece of art that helps you ponder over life. The view of this astronomy museum will act as a tranquilizer for you.

Are you looking forward to your girl? There are many romantic things to do in Los Angeles, especially at this place, if your definition of romance is different from others.

3. Point Dume

Point Dume - Things to do in Los Angeles
Image by Flickr

One of the best things to do in Los Angeles is visiting Point Dume for the experience of a lifetime. It’s nature at its best. You can surf, hike and swim or just simply sunbathe with your loved ones. Point Dume is among the best spots for romance in Los Angeles. It has those romantic vibes to it. So If you are interested, take that ring with you this time! Rock climbing is my favorite thing to do here, second to getting tanned. You often see Children attempting to build sandcastles at this beautiful place.

4. Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive

Strolling and wandering around Rodeo Drive is by far the top-rated thing to do in Los Angeles with family. If you are a bit old school, try this one out. I’m sure you’ll walk back with memories of the famous Beverly Hills. It is fancy, but there’s a chance you’ll bump into your favorite celebrity right at this place. If you want to buy or just have a casual look at the famous fashion brands and exclusive couture by famous designers, this is their home. The boutiques are stretched all over the drive. You need not use a car and kill the charm!

5. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hollywood Walk of Fame
Image by Flickr

The last days of the trip and your pockets turned empty, but the heart wants what it wants. A priceless visit to the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame is worth your time. You get to see the names of eminent personalities embedded on the sidewalk. Meeting your favorites is not a dream anymore, after all. I was at this place when Ryan Reynolds got his star. What a day it was to see his family and him. Bad luck struck, and I couldn’t get an autograph, but you can, and you will bump into Ryan Gosling someday. All you have to do is make a list of essential things to do in LA.

6. Universal Studios Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood
Image by Flickr

Once a friend focused on all things to do in Los Angeles but missed out on this one. He regrets hard till this date. We all are movie buffs; Universal Studios gives you an insight of behind the scenes of your favorite film. Mine is Harry Potter. What about you?! It is ideal to have a minimum of one and a maximum of three days at this place. You might not get to come back again and experience this fun. All the rides, especially roller coasters, are thrilling. You will get to enter the world of Jurassic Park and Transformers yet again, so be ready!

7. Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Image by Flickr

Art lovers can never have enough of the art. The county museum is captivating, and you will always remember it for years to come. It is a place for great thinkers and beauty lovers who can do justice with their praises. Best memories are formed at this place.

8. Venice Beach

Venice Beach

We’ll go to Italy some other day, but experiencing the typical bohemian culture at Venice beach is going to be even worth spending time on. You will get all the funk, insight into pop culture, and remarkable street performances. Embracing the culture and colors of Venice is among the best things to do in Los Angeles. Don’t forget to grab some gorgeous clicks.

9. Los Angeles City Hall

LA City Hall
Image by Flickr

Whether you love politics or not, you must have a knack for beauty and class. People often consider visiting it among the annoying things to do in Los Angeles with the family, but guess their creativity has died out. You have immense opportunities to enjoy yourself and get loaded with joy and sheer happiness.

10. Getty Villa

Getty Villa

Photography is often not allowed at places like these, but Getty Villa is the hub for photography lovers. It is though recommended not to use the flash. These corridors and beautiful views are significant. Have you seen those ancient Rome country houses? I had a massive collection of photographs. You will be surprised to know this Villa is a recreation of those iconic monuments.

11. Disneyland Resort

Disneyland Resort
Image by Flickr

You do not have to be a child to love this place. How can one not go to Disneyland is my question. It is the place for all age groups. Disneyland parks are the ultimate entertainment resort for those who want to enjoy and be happy. It will make you feel better and lighter at heart. Mickey Mouse and Disney princesses will entertain you and the kids.

12. Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Warner Bros. Studio Tour
Image by Flickr

Close to Hollywood and the hearts of people, this public sight is among the world’s best visiting places, not just Los Angeles. You just have to spare three to four or a maximum of five hours for this place, and you will get a glimpse of behind the scenes of all old and new movies that you have loved since ever.

13. Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

Graumans Chinese Theatre
Image by Flickr

This place has its roots connected to the great history of Los Angeles. It is an iconic movie place where you get to see the classic ones. The ambiance of this place is hot, and the building is quite an attraction from the photography point of view. This cinematic icon is Los Angeles’s best tourist site and a great place to hang out as well.

14. Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard - One of the Best Things to do in Los Angeles
Image by Flickr

Los Angeles is known for serving beauty aesthetics. Watching and enjoying the sunset should be among your top priority things to do in Los Angeles. Sunsets are always unique and mesmerizing, but BLVD’s evening stretches from a mile and a half to bless your eyes. One still gets to admire mother nature at this spot.  Don’t forget to hear the famous song, “For What It’s Worth” at this spot. It will genuinely relive your demented soul.

15. Pacific Park

Pacific Park - Best Things to do in Los Angeles
Image by Flickr

I often used to google this place back in childhood. Something about the colors and ambiance is so attractive. You cannot ignore this place if you are a true traveling lover. Starting from the Sea view: If you are afraid of rides, just look at the shining water that glistens like a blue pearl. This amusement park is perhaps the only place that would not charge any fee. The fried food it serves is the ultimate delight to have after a thrilling ride.

16. Live Comedy

Live Comedy - Best Things to do in Los Angeles
Image by Flickr

Times are tough, and sadness prevails without any reason. One can always spare some time for laughter and smiles. When in Los Angeles, don’t dare to miss the live comedy show. It is world-famous, packed with entertainers who do their job with excellence. I visited this place for an entire week. It was therapy without any stress. Don’t forget to make special friends over here. It is a great place to be.

17. Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl
Image by Flickr

When I visited this place, a beautiful photo of the enigmatic sky became part of my room’s wall. Well, the Hollywood Bowl is unlike any other place you will get to visit in Los Angeles. A magnificent amphitheater situated between Hollywood Hills awaits your arrival. Popular concerts and events are held at this place. Rolling Stone Magazine loves this place and has added it to their top music venue list. When you come here, just forget about all your worries. All you need to do is, bring some food and drink, unwind your heart and mind, dance your heart out, and do not think about what others will think about you.

18. Greystone Mansion and Park

Greystone Mansion and Park
Image by Flickr

If you hear someone mentioning this place as Doheny Mansion, don’t get confused. They are the same. If you are an admirer of English gardens, this is your ideal destination. With all its protocol and royalty, this place is only open for special programs. You can have a tour of the lavish gardens. I would recommend visiting this place with a loved one!

19. Runyon Canyon Park

Runyan Canyon Park
Image by Flickr

Do you know green color is excellent for hormonal and eye health? Well, my grandma said so. It might not be correct, but visiting this part will improve your health. My great grandmother’s spend last days strolling around this place. Ideal for walks and meditation time, this park is as comprehensive and significant as it gets. Los Angeles is a unique gift by nature itself. While focusing on other things to do in Los Angeles with family, don’t forget to spare some time for a place that deserves it truly.

20. Petersen Automotive Museum

Petersen Automotive Museum
Image by Flickr

Do you want to know what the world’s largest automotive museum is? Right here in Los Angeles! I have always had a knack for Non-Profit Organizations, so visiting this place was a dream come true. You will get to see the top coolest cars in Los Angeles at this place. My favorite Kohn Pedersen Fox, designed this place. All car lovers should visit this place. It is a home for old cars.

21. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Downtown LA is close to people’s hearts, and this hall is situated in the heart of it. Frank Gehry’s unique token of love for tourists and citizens is an epitome of art and brilliance. Since 2003, it has been entertaining visitors and sending them home with laughter and merriness.

22. OUE Skyspace

OUE Skyspace - Best Things to do in Los Angeles
Image by Flickr

It is not an adventure but somewhat close to it. A safe experience with thrill and enthusiasm Is all you need during a trip to Los Angeles. A unique glass door provides you a three-sixty degree view of the entire city. We do not experience such Moments daily, so hurry up friends, get out of the bed.

23. Grand Central Market

Grand Central Market
Image by Flickr

Old is gold, and this 1917 building is as precious as it gets. Don’t worry, and it won’t rob you off; in fact, you will get to watch movies, buy delicious food for yourself and flowers for the loved one! Game nights at this emporium are undoubtedly the best.

24. Pacific Coast Highway

Pacific Coast Highway

Long drives, old songs, Pacific Coast Highway, and all romantic things to do in Los Angeles. A perfect combination of harmony and happiness. It is 650 miles away from LA, and the scenic beauty is entirely captivating. Heart swoons to the core if you go there.

25. Santa Monica Pier

Santa monica Pier
Image by Flickr

A trip to Santa Monica Pier counts among memorable things to do with family, friends, and even strangers. It has all you want during a trip, an amusement park, fishing and lots of fried food. Spending money for this place does not feel bad to be very honest. I got to make so many memories, and even today, the pictures make me teary-eyed for how special it was.

There are many things to do in Los Angeles, but always remember there’s no joy if you don’t value and contemplate what you see. Each place holds a particular significance, and the above ones will give you a heavy dose of nostalgia for years to remember and cherish. Good Luck Vacationing, hope we collide in the streets of Los Angeles someday.

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