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Things to do in Bangkok

How to Enjoy your Time in Bangkok

If you want to have a combination of past and present, then Bangkok is your place to visit. It not only has ancient temples that make us flow through history, but it also has grand shopping malls and tourist sites so that we can enjoy the present. The best part of Bangkok, Thailand, is that you never get bored here. You are either too busy enjoying the street food or gaining knowledge through ancient temples, or simply relaxing and getting a massage. Indeed one would expect an outshining trip in the capital of Thailand: Bangkok.

Top 10 things to do in Bangkok

If you are going to visit this place for the first time in life, here is a list of things to do in Bangkok to utilize your time for the best.

1. Enjoy street food.

It is common that whenever we visit any place, we look out for the most exuberant and lavish restaurants to dine in. However, in Bangkok, you can enjoy food the most on the streets. Yes, you have read that right; street food is the life of people of Bangkok. You will find plenty of vendors in the city, offering a different variety of food. You can grab some fresh fruits or enjoy a complete healthy meal.

If you are traveling low on budget, then this is going to save you many bucks!

2. Take a trip in BTS

Strangely, I am mentioning their public transport as one of Bangkok’s things to do. However, once you ride it, you will realize how comfortable and royal it feels. The air conditioning of BTS is superb, and it will make you relax while you take a tour of the city is fast and unmatched public transport.

Even the trip advisor suggests this as one of the best things to do in Bangkok!

3. Shop at the Chatuchak Weekend Market

Shopping is always a ‘yes’ in traveling. The Chatuchak weekend market is a bit overcrowded, but it has everything you want to buy. 8000+ stalls are offering a complete range of products at the lowest possible prices. It can be reached within 35 minutes from the center of town if you are traveling on BTS. The market has indoor and outdoor stalls; however, the indoor ones are more crowded and might not feel comfortable there.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen before you hop in this place!

4. Relax with a Thai massage

We have all heard about the most relaxing Thai massage, so if you are present in the place, then why not get one? You will find a range of sites that offer Thai massage at different rates, from cheap to expensive. On average, it will cost you 6 USD. It is a different kind of massage as they don’t use oils; instead, they stretch your body to relax your muscles.

It might be possible that your hotel offers a spa, so don’t forget to check them first!

5. Watch a movie

You might be wondering if you are visiting a tourist destination then why should you sit in a room and watch some movie. Well, the cinemas in Bangkok give you an extra-ordinary experience at the lowest possible prices. I personally also shattered the thought of going to a cinema, wondering that there are so many tourist spots to visit. However, my friend insisted on ongoing, and it indeed turned out to be a fantastic experience.

Just make sure that you stand up for the King’s Song as the people of Bangkok are particular about the respect of their King!

6. Visit the Lumphini Park

You might get tired of the hassle and crowd in the city, so take a trip to Lumphini Park. The busy town will get you exhausted, but the park’s fresh air will bring you back to life. The lush green gardens, cheerful wildlife, and well-managed shed provide you with a completely relaxing environment. You can take out some time to exercise or enjoy the free gym equipment. If you are ready to spend a few bucks, you should go to the old school muscle, where you can practically work out with some of the most former and most heavy gym equipment. This place has been designed to help me practice a healthy lifestyle, so take some time.

Be aware of the monitor lizards which roam around the place freely!

7. Sunset Drink at Sky Bar

To watch the magnificent views from the sky bars is the best thing to do in Bangkok. Some hotels and bars offer you a place where you can sit, relax, drink, and view the spectacular sunset over the grand city. The most sky bar hotel is the Lebuna Hotel, and since the movie ‘Hangover 2’, this place is one of the top priorities of tourists.

If you are residing at a top-quality hotel, ask the staff about the sky bar as they guide you correctly!

8. Sail around in the Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya River is like the lifeline of the city as small canals connect the whole city. One of the things to do in Bangkok takes a boat trip in the Chao Phraya River as it can lead you to some more unusual places such as Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and the temple of the reclining Buddha. As you sail around, you will see the relishing sites of children playing around the place, older men catching some fish and women busy with their daily schedule. Thus, this sail will give you a closer look at the inside life of Bangkok.

Due to this Chao Phraya River, Bangkok is also called ‘The Venice of the East!’

9. Weird things to do in Bangkok

Along with getting magnificent places to see, you can also check some weird but interesting places in Bangkok. You can visit medical museums in which you might even catch sight of serial killers mummified. Some of the old prisons are also open for tourists to visit where you can each prisoner cell depict the kind of torture that the prisoner had to face. Lastly, you can visit a plane graveyard, basically a place where a plane is abandoned.

If you have a weak stomach, then it is recommended that you stay away from such places!

10. Explore the temples

How can one not visit temples while visiting Bangkok after all temples are the heart of Bangkok? One of my favorite temples was the Grand Palace because the detailing is a must to see the sight. No doubt, the place gets crowded, but if you have the stamina, you can make your way through the crowd and experience brilliant artistry.

Be sure that you are following the dress code of temples as there is a strict check on it!


Most of the high places in Bangkok are always filled with the crowd, but it won’t matter if you are enthusiastic travelers. However, if you are traveling from cold countries, then the heat might bother you. Just make sure that you have sunscreen in handy to keep you away from sunburns. After all, traveling requires some effort.

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