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Things to do in Banff

Exploring the Indulging Things to Do In Banff

Out of all the confusing things in our lives, I would rate planning a trip to be 8/10. There are so many things going on in your mind; where should I go? What will be my budget? What will I do there? Is it going to be safe? These questions become so annoying that a part of you no longer wants to go anywhere. I bet many of you can relate to this. However, stay calm, and until you finish reading this article, you would have an astonishing vacation destination. I am here to help you in solving this confusion by sharing my unforgettable trip to Banff.

Banff is a beautiful resort town within Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Canada known for its mountainous surroundings. I guarantee you that the view will leave an everlasting impact on your memory. The closeness that you feel with nature is indescribable. Not only this, but you get to be part of a variety of activities as well. From hiking to biking, from scrambling to skiing, the range of businesses just won’t end.

1. Banff Town

Best Things to do in Banff Town

The town of Banff is a small yet breathtaking town located in the south end of Banff National Park. It is filled with all the activities that you need. If you are a foodie; Banff Town has got a range of restaurants, if you are a shopaholic; Banff Town has got a variety of places to shop, and this is why this place is packed with tourists from all over the world. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Banff filled with a lively atmosphere. It serves as an attraction to skiers as well, who make use of the slopes nearby to enjoy their vacation. There are many places located nearby Banff Town, some of which are also listed below.

2. Banff Sunshine Village

Best Things to do in Banff Sunshine Village
Image by Flickr

Banff Sunshine Village is another attraction for the skiers located 11 miles west of Banff Town. It offers more than 3300 skiable acres and a peak elevation of 7,200 feet. Isn’t this exciting? It’s an unbelievable spot not only for skiing but snowshoeing as well. You can go on guided snowshoeing above the tree line. You can participate in the events held in this village. It must be striking in some people’s minds that I don’t know to ski or snowshoe, then what can this place offer me? Well, don’t be disappointed, you can enjoy the beauty of sightseeing. The preferable seasons for visiting are from November to early May. Adding to the fun, Sunshine Village Chair Lift will give you the best view from the top and who does not love chair lift.

3. Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake

I love seeing rivers, lakes, and other water sports, which simply re-energize you and bring you back towards nature. Moraine Lakes is one of such spots which just re-fill your soul with new spirits. 14km outside the village of Lake Louis, Moraine Lake is a glacially-fed lake situated in the valley of ten peaks. The real beauty of this lake is in late June when it is filled with water, reflecting a distinctive shade of Azure blue. The best thing to do at this place is to explore the beauty of nature. If you walk along the lakeshore, you will come across stunning views of Mount Fay and Fay Glacier. If you want to stay and admire this beauty for longer, then for your comfort, restrooms are also available.

4. Mount Norquay

Mount Norquay
Image by Flickr

The smallest yet closest skiing spot in Banff Town is Mount Norquay. It is situated about 5 miles Northwest of Banff Town.It is amongst the three ski areas of Banff, which is highly recommended to families due to its on spot daycare center. Thus, go around for skiing and exploring without the tension of your toddlers’ safety. The steepest slope of the continent also resides within this place, giving you goosebumps. The views offered at this place can be rightly called “Out of this world!” To fill in your excitement of a beautiful day, take a bite at Cascade Lodge, which will not fail satisfying your taste buds.

5. Columbia Icefield

Columbia Icefield

Ice lovers hold your breath as I am going to tell you about the largest body of ice located in Canada; The Columbia Icefield. It covers 130 square miles on the southern edge of Banff National Park. The drive to Columbia Icefields is a bit time taking (2 and a half hours), but once you reach this mesmerizing place, you will agree with me that all the effort was worth it! A team of interpreters is also available to help you dig in a little deeper in this place by getting your hands on its knowledge as well. If you adore animals, then the mountain goats spotted in their natural habitat will add in your journey. At night this place turns into a world-class destination for sky watching and sky gazing.

6. The Glacier Skywalk

The Glacier Skywalk
Image by Flickr

 Words won’t be enough to describe The Glacier Skywalk. Imagine yourself on a cliff edge walkway where giant glaciers surround you, and the magnificent Sunwapta Valley lays out below you. This must-have is given you goosebumps. To add more excitement, 1km walk through this beautiful place where you can experience waterfall, fossil, and wildlife, leading to a platform where there is the only glass that separates you from a 918m drop. You just try to hold your breath and take in all that you can at the moment. I will never forget this walk for the rest of my life. If you are a person who is fond of nature, then you will just fall in love with the place.

7. Cave and Basin National Historic Site

Cave and Basin National Historic Site
Image by Flickr

To all the history and nature lovers out there reading this article, Cave and Basin National Historic Site is the perfect place made just for you. It is situated within the Canadian Rocky Mountains in the town of Banff, Alberta. It is also referred to as the birthplace of Banff National Park. However, it is the lowest component of the nine hot springs clustered in groups of three. Those who have visited this place have recommended it to others, saying that it is not only known for its historical significance but its splendid views as well. I prefer you to take the guided Discovery Tour, which will add in your knowledge too. You will also come by gift shops, café, restrooms, and picnic points to add in the joy of your trip.

8. Lake Louis Ski Resort

Lake Louis Ski Resort

Skiing, skiing, and skiing. You will find a lot of skiing places in Banff, some of which I mentioned previously as well, and now one more of such site is Lake Louis Ski Resort. It is located near the Lake Louis village. This place is the most popular amongst all the other ski locations and is also known to be one of the largest skiing areas in North America. It would not be wrong to call Lake Louis as ‘skiers’ paradise’. It also hosts the longest skiing seasons along and covers three mountains, 145 runs, ten lifts, and terrain parks. To add to the activities at Lake Louis, you can enjoy snowboarding and tubing. The lift also operates daily, which is an amusing sport for people of all ages.

9. Banff Park Museum

Best Things to do in Banff Park Museum
Image by Wikimedia

A history lover or not, doesn’t matter, because this place takes away the heart of all people who visit it. The Banff Park Museum is a National Historic site which is located in downtown Banff, Alberta. This museum dates back to 1895 to house an exhibit of taxidermy. It is such a beautiful place flooding with history. Photographers make use of this place to capture history. There was a time when a small zoo operated on the ground of the real museum, but then in the 1930s, it closed. Still, this place has got so much more to serve you with. You can have a closer look at western Canada’s oldest natural history along with vintage stuffed bears, bighorn sheep, and birds.

10. Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka

There is more to your trip as I tell you about this fantastic Lake Minnewanka in Banff. It is a glacial lake located in the eastern area of Banff National Park. The lake is filled by the Cascade River and is also said to be the 2nd longest lake in the mountain parks of Canadian Rockies. The Lake Minnewanka road leads you to the western end of the lake, and boat tours are also available near the parking lot. Let’s not forget about the lake cruise, which can show you around the place where you can explore nearby wildlife and capture the breathtaking sceneries. As you will make your way back, you will catch the sight of Devil’s gap, which is a mountain gateway that marks the transition from the Rocky Mountains to the flatlands of the Prairies.

Sitting back and relaxing in our homes, we don’t realize what we are missing out in the world. There is so much life and beauty outside our small circle that when we start discovering it, we won’t believe our eyes. Banff is one such place that is filled with adventure, indulging activities, nature exploration and much more. If you are planning on having enjoyable vacations, then add this Banff in your’ places to visit’ checklist and have quality time with your friends, family, or even alone.

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