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Best Things to Do in Abu Dhabi

Best Things To Do in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is one of the seven emirates of the UAE that puts forth genuine pictures of the Islamic culture and tradition. It is the capital of the UAE and offers a plethora of experiences for tourists. You can fulfill your religious side by visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, ride the world’s fastest roller coaster, stroll in the traditional streets of the Heritage Village and shop for artifacts, hand-made soaps, dried herbs, etc., go on a desert safari, rejoice the magnificent sights walking on the Corniche Beach, and do more things. We have summed up a few best things to do in Abu Dhabi for you here.

1. Visit the excellent religious site

No matter what religious belief you hold, you must visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It is hands-down one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. This is one of those mosques in the UAE where followers of all religious faith are allowed. But you must enter the mosque barefoot and dress modestly. The mere sight of the mosque will embolden your faith in God. Besides the elaborate façade and the entire exterior of the mosque, the surrounding of this religious site will also soothe you from the core. The interior of the mosque is adorned with dazzling crystal chandeliers that are the world’s largest. Adding to the charm of the chandeliers is an impressive hand-knotted carpet. You can avail a free tour guide and learn about Islam. A unique lighting setup makes the mosque worth watching after the sunset.

2. Walk the Corniche

The best way to view the flourishing side of Abu Dhabi is to visit the Corniche. It is a sea-facing promenade that is famous for various activities at the beaches amidst beautiful gardens, installations, hotels, live concerts, and the bewitching waters of the Persian Gulf. One of the activities that you must try here is renting a bicycle and riding along the entire 5 miles of the promenade stretching alongside the Dhow Harbor. You can also enjoy swimming and different types of watersports at a recently-opened public beach, all for free.

3. Get to know the UAE’s national bird – Falcon.

Taking a tour of the Falcon Hospital is indeed one of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi. Here, you can enjoy an immersive experience and learn a lot about Falcons, which were used for hunting by the Arabs during the old days. A tour guide at this must-visit place offers a deep insight into the fantastic world of Falcons. You can gain a lot of information on their eating habits, lifestyle, history, and their importance in Arabian culture. Enjoy and learn to watch veterinarians treating the injured birds at this facility, as well as wear the gloves and make the bird fly and land on your hand.

4. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a colossal amusement park built on a Ferrari theme. The park features five attractive zones with incredible rides and attractions you won’t forget for your lifetime. Take a ride of the Formula Rossa and scream your heart out as the world’s fastest roller coaster takes off. Experience the Flying Aces, which is the tallest non-inverting loop in the world. Watch what goes behind the making of Ferrari, and also get to drive one real Ferrari on the street. Other exciting rides are the Fiorano GT Challenge and Turbo Track. The latter will make you feel as if you are racing towards the sky. The vertical climb and the epic zero gravity fall give you the thrills of your life.

Besides exciting rides, the park also offers Ferrari-inspired shows. Recharge your energy with Italian and international cuisines at any one of the restaurants inside the park. Also, shop at the Ferrari Store for memorabilia, jewelry, accessories and bring home a piece of Ferrari with you.

5. Explore the Al Emarat Park

Get a dose of nature for you and your loved ones with a visit to Al Emarat Park. This is a public park built to help locals and tourists enjoy the greenery and fresh air. Being at this park is like being closer to nature. You will never feel that you’re in the middle of the desert. The park has a plantation of palm trees in rows that looks very beautiful. The trees are fed water through a man-made oasis. The park also features an amphitheater, an animal barn, lush-green gardens, and a vast playground. You can find lots of indigenous plants here.

6. Take Desert Safari

Holidaying in the UAE and not visiting the desert is like missing the cherry from the ice cream. The Arabian Desert is a massive landscape of sand mass ideal for enjoying lots of adventurous sports like sandboarding, quad-biking, and dune bashing in a powerful SUV. The desert safari from a local tour operator also features a camel ride, which is a must to try. In addition to adventure, you can also rejoice internal buffet and other leisurely entertainment activities like belly dancing, Tanura dancing, Heena-tattoo, etc.

7. Explore Al Jahili Fort

Any country’s history is fascinating, and the UAE is no different. And the best place to enjoy it is to visit the Al Jahili Fort. This fort is an actual reminiscence of the past and defense is hugely made of mud bricks. The entire structure resembles the Arabian style of architecture. The fort was Built in the 1800s and renovated recently, and pushed open for the public. The defense has an expansive courtyard that forms a ground for an outdoor concert. Visiting the fort will provide you with an exciting past of the Arab world. The best thing about the defense is the exhibit of a fantastic personality who contributed to the Arab’s history – Wilfred Thesiger.

8. Visit Heritage Village

If you wonder how the UAE was in the past, then find it with a visit to the Heritage Village. Just cross the Dhow Harbour from the Corniche and reach this wonderful village that brings Abu Dhabi’s past into life with real-life replicas. This village is like a living museum where you can walk through the Bedouin-styled tents, wooden huts, hand-weaving, and metal crafting workshops. You can also buy local herbs and spices at this facility. You will get to know the past lifestyle of the Emiratis. What’s more, the Heritage Village is free to explore.

There are countless of the best things to do in Abu Dhabi other than listed here. To sum up the city in a few words, we would say it’s here where you can experience culture, tradition, adventure, comfort, and grandeur.

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