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Places to visit in UK

Must Visit Cities when Traveling to United Kingdom

A trip to the United Kingdom is like a dream come true for some people. The country is beautiful and offers tourists a lot of diversity. From mesmerizing sceneries to historic castles, England has all that you require to enjoy the best traveling experience you ever dreamed of. The thing that makes the UK different from other travel destinations is that it has a lot of variety in terms of the attractions it has to offer. Some cities boast beautiful vies while other global cities are a complete package for foreigners.

While planning for a trip to England might sound fun, we assure you that it can get quite confusing. There are just so many options that you are bound to be tangled between which cities you should visit. To help you ease your worries, we are here with a list of places to visit in the UK, so that you are informed about all the tiny details and attractions each city has to offer. So, without further ado, let us move on to the list of best places to visit in the UK.

1. London

London - Top Places to Visit in UK

London probably tops the list of top places to visit in the UK, and it even makes its way to being one of the best tourist destinations in the world. One of the main landmarks of England, the Tower of London, is a famous tourist spot and rightly so. Besides the Tower of London is the tower bridge, on the banks of River Thames.

When visiting London, one cannot only miss out on visiting the Buckingham Palace, where tourists can experience the changing of the Guard ceremony. If you are obsessed with the royal family, you can even book tickets for a tour of the Palace’s stateroom. Apart from these, the Big Ben is also a popular attraction point. Plan out a day to visit Big Ben and other places like Westminster Abbey, topping it off with a relaxing drink at a local bar.

2. Liverpool

Liverpool one of the Best Places to Visit in UK

The city of Liverpool is an hour away from Manchester and can be reached rails. Liverpool is a city that has its fair share of history in the music industry as well as football. If you are a soccer fan, visiting the famous Merseyside football club, Liverpool FC, should be on your list. Their stadium, Anfield, is one of the most adored places in the footballing world.

From football, Liverpool is also associated with the famous band, The Beatles. The cavern club, where the group made its debut, can be visited any time you please. If you wish to take tours of the many Beatle’s sites in Liverpool, you can book the tickets in advance.

3. Durham


One can reach Durham by air or by train. However, due to the immense natural beauty this city has to offer, we advise you to go for the train option. The town looks like something out of an old movie with cobblestone driveways and Romanesque architecture. The city is covered entirely by thick forests, which you can look over from the Cathedral. Other places include the Durham University which was established in 1832 and the Durham Castle. We advise you to bring your camera for a trip to this city as the sights might seem too right to be true.

4. Edinburgh


One of the most widely visited cities of the United Kingdom, Edinburgh, has a charm of its own. From magnificent architecture to museums showing the fascinating history of this city, Edinburgh is masked in the tale and boasts a special ancient touch to its landmarks. One of the first places that you should visit while in Edinburgh is Edinburgh Castle. This beautiful piece of art has survived since the 13th century and is still very well maintained. Apart from the castle, you can also visit the Royal Palace to have a look at the Scottish crown jewels and the famous Stone of Destiny, which was held by land for 700 years, later to be returned to the Scottish. All in all, Edinburgh is one of the top places to visit in the UK.

5. Newcastle

Newcastle one of the Best Places to Visit in UK

Are you a foodie? Well, Newcastle would be perfect for you. It is known as the Foodie paradise by the English and lives up to its name. The city is packed with restaurants that you would fall in love with. The town has this certain cultural vibe to it as well, with concert halls and art galleries that show art from medieval times.

If you are a football fan, your trip to Newcastle can be even better as Newcastle is a home for football fanatics. Housing a national team of their own, Newcastle is home to the famous St. James Park, which hosts matches for the English Premier League. Apart from this, there is the famous Newcastle Castle, the place which gave the city its name, which is a renowned tourist spot.

6. Nottingham

Nottingham - Best Places to Visit in Uk

The city of Nottingham is located on several hills built on the northern bank of River Trent. The town boasts mesmerizing views for nature lovers but is also a popular tourist destination amongst history lovers and culture enthusiasts. The Nottingham Goose fair is one of the more well-known art festivals that the city hosts. Several art galleries and museums are situated in the city, making Nottingham a relatively lively place to visit.

In Nottingham, you can find the legendary home of Robin Hood in the Sherwood Forest. Although the folktales of Robin Hood are from long ago, the soul still lives on amongst the natives making Nottingham one of the best places to visit in the UK.

7. Glasgow


Known as the industrial hub of Scotland, Glasgow has now also become one of the country’s top cultural spots. The city offers its tourists a variety of art galleries, concert halls, and museums. The city is also filled with parks and gardens, making Glasgow one of the best romantic places to visit in England. Throughout the city, you can find fantastic architecture in buildings, cemeteries, and other arts and crafts centers.

If you visit Glasgow at the right time, you might even catch a few music festivals being held in the city. The city is also known for being an enigmatic sports center, housing two major football clubs as well as a rugby club.

8. Bath


The City of Bath is one of the country’s smaller cities. However, don’t judge the book by its cover as this beautiful city encapsulated tourists through the presence of hot springs. The city is known for its miraculous water, which is seen in the form of three hot springs. The Thermae Bath Spa offers travelers the chance to use the magical waters of the Roman Baths.

Apart from the water, the city is also famous for its intricate architecture, most notably found in the Gregorian style. You can find museums as well as the famous curved Royal crescent, which is known worldwide because of its architectural genius.

9. Brighton


The city which gives London somewhat of a competition, Brighton is near the metropolitan and is a convenient place to visit on a day trip. Brighton is one of the top places to visit in the UK because of the lively vie this city has to offer. Enjoy a few drinks at the local pubs and enjoy staying in hotels designed in a Gregorian style architecture. The city also offers the tourist an exciting nightlife with live music shows happening around every corner.

10. Manchester


In recent years, it has established itself as the best place to visit in Europe. Being one of the centers for football, Manchester houses two of the biggest football clubs in England and Europe, Manchester United and Manchester City Football Clubs. Not a football fan? Well then, Manchester has other things to offer you as well.

The city, recently, has undergone a revolution in terms of the tourism industry. An Opera house has been established to please the ears of the people with elegant music. The Chill Factor, Britain’s most significant ski slope, is also another development in recent times. Manchester has also established itself as a shopper’s paradise with a countless range of retail opportunities. Overall, Manchester is one of the top places to visit in th UK.

11. Oxford

Oxford - One of the Best Places to Visit in UK

We are pretty sure that you are surprised to find Oxford on this list. Trust us, and the city is not all about Books and academia. The University of Oxford does offer you an outstanding tour of the ancient academics with scripts from Nobel Prize-winning scientists. However, the city of Oxford is not limited to that. In this city, you can find museums that offer you art shows on par with any other art capital of the world. The restaurants in Oxford can make you fall in love with gourmet and fish and chips. On top of all that, the lush green gardens on every other street are a treat for visitors. Truly one of the best romantic places to visit in the UK.

12. Birmingham


The city that has its culture seeped in architecture, sports and arts. Birmingham can give tourists a taste of Pre-Rapheaalite paintings housed by the Birmingham art gallery. The city is also known as the birthplace of the heavy metal band, Black Sabbath. Therefore, is you are a music enthusiast, you can visit the many sites that are related to Black Sabbath.

The symphony hall situated in Birmingham is designed to give you the perfect experience of Opera and classical music so head over there for a romantic musical night.

13. Cardiff


The capital of Wales, Cardiff, is going to be on the list of best places to visit in the UK. The city offers a variety of fun attractions such as music, food, and arts. Cardiff Castle is one of the best places that you should visit. Looking over the city of Cardiff since the 11th century, the architecture of the castle is one that’ll send you back into medieval times. You can also visit one of the oldest records shops in the world. Spillers, in Cardiff, opened in the 1800s and is still entertaining music lovers from every generation.

14. Cambridge


One of the academic centers of the world, Cambridge is much more than just a university. There are a ton of things to do in this small city. First and foremost, tourists should get a taste of punting. Through punting, you can view the entire town while canoeing through the River Cam. Another fun activity that you should do while in Cambridge is cycling. Get a few cycles for your friends and cycle around the stunning city to enjoy the gorgeous sites this city has to offer.

15. Bristol


The city that is crammed with dazzling sites, Bristol, might leave you to star-struck. There is so much to do in this city that you might even increase your stay here. For starters, you can look around the entire city through a ferry ride on the River Avon. Next, you can visit the engineering masterpiece housed by Bristol – the Clifton suspension bridge Created in 1864, the structure is known as one of the greatest works of architecture in the world. Bristol is also famous for its very expressive street art and graffiti, so a stroll around the city would be the perfect option for you.

The United Kingdom is jam-packed with things to do. From arts and crafts to sports to mouth-watering food, each city has its specialty. We hope that this list of best places to visit in the UK comes in handy when you start planning out your trip, and we hope you have a fantastic vacation in England.

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