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Places to Visit in Nepal

Unfolding the tourism in Nepal

Nepal attracts thousands of tourists each year to its natural beauty. The country has a diverse culture and accommodates the needs of all its tourists. From hiking to trekking, Nepal has it all. In addition to this, Nepal attracts its spiritual followers who meditate in peace here. Historians also find many histories filled places here to enrich their trip. Specifically, Buddhism and Hinduism have grown in the areas of Nepal. Thus, whether you want to revive your religious practice or lookout for some adventures, Nepal caters to all your needs.

Nepal is known for two of its places: Himalayans and Kathmandu. Yet, there are a whole lot of places to visits to Nepal. Thus, let’s dig a little deeper and discover the unknown charm and beauty of Nepal.

Places to visit in Nepal

Some people list down Nepal as the best place to visit in Asia, but if you plan a vacation to Nepal, you must look into the places you should visit.

1. Kathmandu

Kathmandu - One of Best Places to Visit in Nepal

The most famous site in Nepal, Kathmandu, attracts to its thousands of followers. Its beauty is unmatched and has no parallels. The capital and largest city of Nepal, Kathmandu, is flooded with history as well. You will catch sight of historical buildings, temples, and religious places that will drive you back in time.

Durbar Square is the largest of the three palace squares, and most visitors are drawn to it. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Although Durbar square got highly damaged during the earthquake of 2015, it remains the most famous site of Kathmandu.

Visitors have always left positive remarks about this place and have listed down pleasant experience.

2. Pokhara

Pokhara - One of Best Places to Visit in Nepal

 The great way to the Himalayas is known as Pokhara. Surrounded by three glamorous mountains: Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Annapurna I; this place is unique for its beauty. It is an ideal spot for trekkers and people looking out for places to relax. As you will around by natural beauty and the most scenic sites, then how won’t you feel yourself at peace?

It is located at a distance of 200 kilometers from Kathmandu and has the second-highest population in Nepal. However, you will find the air cleaner and much more purified as you get out of the city.

3. Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

Are your kids traveling along with you to Nepal? Then you must be in search of places that would increase their involvement in the trip as well. What can be better than parks and wildlife? Chitwan National Park is listed down in the best places to visit in Nepal because it presents its visitors with a completely different image. Taking you closer to wildlife and exotic beauty of Nepal, this place is rich in bio-diversity. Bengali tigers, leopards, sloths, bears, deer and many other wildlife creatures bring life to this place. Not only this, but it is home to more than 500 birds. Freshwaters, rivers, and streams have also preserved rare species of sharks, dolphins, and other fishes.

Visitors have suggested that you visit this place from October to February because from June to September, this place gets a lot of rain due to monsoon.

4. Gokyo Lake

Gokyo Lake

Another Nepal tourist attraction is the Gokyo Lake which is located at a high altitude of 4500 meters above sea level. For all the lake lovers, this is amongst one of the best places to visit in Nepal. These lakes are the most extensive lake water system as they comprise of 5 leading ponds:

  • Gokyo Cho
  • Thonak Cho
  • Gyazumpa Cho
  • Tanjung Cho
  • Ngojumba Cho

5. Khumbu Valley

Khumbu Valley

If you are looking for dangerous trekking places, then search no more like one of the places to visit in Nepal for the perfect trekking in Khumbu Valley. However, only plan on trekking here if you have the stamina as it takes a lot of effort to climb up this valley. Once you do, you have all the right to brag about this place.

It is not a simple trekking site but pulls in a lot of effort. It is a long trek ranging from 2 weeks to a whole month, so pack up your patience, stamina, and energy.

6. Annapurna Region

Annapurna Region

Another trekking site comes your way as I uncover the beauty of the Annapurna region in Nepal. You have a complete option of trekking from one week to one month. Thus, fulfill all your trekking goals here. There are three main routes in this region, and each course is well marked and understandable.

The Annapurna circuit, also known as the ‘Annapurna pie circuit,’ is the most loved site and takes around 21 days of trekking. However, if you do not have the strength to pull off so many days of trekking, then five-day trekking can lead you to the Annapurna sanctuary.

Another interesting fact about this region is that you will find different people and culture here. You can spot the noticeable differences in the features of people and their lifestyles. The place accommodates your resting and eating needs as you will come across plenty of lodging and food areas.

7. Mount Everest

Mount Everest - One of the Best Places to Visit in Nepal

One of the famous places to visit in Nepal is Mount Everest. Who would not want to see the highest mountain on Earth and get a closer look at it? There are numerous trekking routes made for the ease of visitors who wish to have a glimpse from above. However, if you do not have the stamina to trek up, you can camp at the base.

Although this place has faced tremendous setbacks due to earthquakes and natural disasters, this place still lives in its visitors’ hearts because of its scenic beauty. You will also find many climbers in this place who will be putting in all stamina to have a view from the top.

Just imagine a place covered with a carpet of snow and so high in clouds that it looks like a fairyland; isn’t that amazing? Thus, this is why Mount Everest is loved by the tourists so much. Even if you are not amongst the people who are determined to climb on the mountain, you can still have a spectacular view from below.

8. Bhaktapur


Bhaktapur is rich in Hindu culture and is famous as it was a royal city. The Durbar square is the most renowned spot from where you can start your journey. The whole area is under the UNESCO world heritage site. Although this place faced a lot of damages because of natural disasters such as earthquakes, it still stands strong. Thus, visitors have not crossed this from their list of places to visit in Nepal.

9. Patan


Here comes another place for history lovers: Patan. One of the most excellent museums of Asia, Patan, is located in the Patan Durbar Square. The location is well preserved and managed over time because of which this place loaded with information.

You can learn from this place about the old Buddhist and Hindu culture and enjoy the spectacular historical artifacts. The interior has been restored and refurbished, which adds to the beauty of this place.

10. Panauti

Panauti - Best Places to Visit in Nepal

Another historical place in the most authentic place in Nepal is Panauti. It is the oldest town in Nepal, which makes it a must-visit place. The Kali Temple has significant importance in this place and has most of the visitors center to it.

It is a wondrous experience to roam around in the streets of such an old town. The markets give an experience of ancient times.

11. Boudhanath Stupa

Boudhanath Stupa

Nepal is packed with historic places, and Boudhanath Stupa adds in the long list. It can be traced back to over six years and is one of the largest Stupa of the world. Like most of the historical places in Nepal, Boudhanath Stupa is also under the UNESCO world heritage site.

It displays the symbol of enlightenment as it represents one of the five symbols: Earth, water, fire, air, and sphere. The abstract of these five elements depicts the unity of the world.

12. Fewa Lake

Fewa Lake

Fewa or Phewa is a lake in its kind. Lakes and rivers always provide a delightful spot to the tourists. The scenic beauty found in the whereabouts of lakes and rivers is unmatched. Thus, Fewa Lake also provides with such natural beauty.

Adding in this beauty is a clear shinning day where everything feels more pleasant. Paddling in boats cannot be more fun. Thus, take your kids along for having boating adventure.

13. Langtang Region

Langtang Region

A village located in the beautiful location of Nepal is the Langtang region. It is the Rasuwa District in the Bagmati Zone of northern Nepal. Like other places in Nepal, this region was also severely affected by earthquakes. The village was destroyed and had to be built again for tourism.

This village promotes the culture of Nepal and brings out its true diversity. If you are planning on having a closer look at the insight of Langtang culture, then this place is a must to visit.

14. Swayambhunath


Found in the hilltops of Kathmandu Swayambhunath is the second most important shrine in Nepal. It is also known as monkey temple because of the number of monkeys located in this place.

This place is also known for its historical significance as the temple ranges back to the 5th century. Swayambhu plays an essential role in the lives of the Vajrayana Buddhists of northern Nepal and Tibet, but especially of the Newari Buddhists of the Kathmandu Valley.

Similar to the other places in Nepal, this place also faced setbacks after the earthquake in 2015. However, quick adjustments were made, and the shrine was restored its pride in no time. Thus, tourism started to flow back in a short period.

15. Lumbini


Have you ever heard the name of Siddhartha Gautama? I am sure you must have this place, Lumbini, the birthplace of this historical Buddha. It is situated off the main tourist track, but sometimes going off the path is worth the effort.

This place is also put under the UNESCO world heritage site. Most of the people who visit this place are Buddhists who tend to retrace their masters. The Maya Devi temple, which is dedicated to the Buddha’s mother, is said to be the exact place where Buddha was born. This place also stores an ancient stone depicting his birth.

Thus, not only is this place historic but is also famous for its religious factors.  Describing this place in words has made the experience more beautiful. My trip to Nepal is, for sure, one of my best travel journeys. If you are also looking forward to planning a trip with your family or friends to an Asian country, consider Nepal an option. There is history, culture, natural scenery, and sparkling lakes, all in Nepal.

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