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Best Places to Visit Asia

The Remarkably Diverse places to visit in Asia

Asia is a land with over 45,036,490 square kilometers of land area. So, just imagine the number of places that you can visit here. With about 48 countries, some of which contain the gigantic peaks and the other home to the most significant rivers, Asia is the best travel spot for many tourists every year. It accommodates tourists of all types ranging from hikers to bikers, from skydivers to sea divers; there is not an activity that goes un-noticed here. The series does not end here as foodies from all over the place are a big fan of Asia due to its wide range of diverse cuisines. So, satisfy your taste buds along with enjoying the tours and adventurous. Let’s dig in a little deeper in Asia and help you find out which country is one of the best places for you to visit in Asia.

1. Japan

Japan is one of the Best Places to Visit in Asia

When it comes to tourism, Japan has an approximate trade deficit of $30 billion each year. Thus, you can imagine how popular it is among tourists. The four top visited places in Japan are:

  1. Hokkaido 
  2. Honshu 
  3. Kyushu
  4. Shikoku

You can enjoy the numerous islands in Japan, which are approximately 6852. I can sense the excitement in island lovers now. In addition to this, the beauty of Japan is increased when we look at the forests and mountains covering almost three-quarters of Japan. If you are planning on staying longer, you need not worry as Japan is ranked as the world’s second-largest hotel market. The Japan Association of Travel Agents holds Asia’s most significant travel exhibition each year, attracting people from all around the world.

2. Thailand


Thailand, mostly famous for ‘Bangkok’ has also found a significant place amongst tourists. The eye-catching beaches, flooding history, and generous people have served as a magnet, attracting tourists from all over the world. There are around 35000 temples in Thailand which are amusing tourists for a very long time. The two famous places for visiting temples are:

  1. Chiang Mai
  2. Chiang Rai

If you are fond of botany, then you can have a closer look at the exotic plants in the wild forests of Thai. Furthermore, Thailand is home to the world’s smallest creature: bumblebee and the world’s most gigantic creature: the whale shark. Go around exploring the forest or enjoy sunbath at beaches, Thailand is filled with activities to keep you entertained.

3. China

China is one of The Best Places to Visit in Asia

With the world’s largest population and area, China generates significant revenue from tourism. In the past few years, tourism in China has increased a great deal with the help of historical architectures, impressive sceneries, and lively atmosphere in China. The fourth and sixth-longest river can be found here, with the former being River Yangtze and the latter being the Yellow River.

If you are fond of the chubby cute Pandas, then you can get a sight of them in China along with the famous Giant Panda found near the Yangtze River. The Great Wall of China, which is celebrated all over the world, keeps on attracting tourists without any break.

Enjoy shopping-cheap amount products while exploring the beautiful places in China, and you will not even realize how your tour ended so soon.

4. Vietnam


With history flooding all over the place, Vietnam is the main tourist attraction for history lovers. There is so much to learn about history and culture in Vietnam that your tour might end, but the number of historic architectures will not end. The famous tourist destinations are:

  1. Cave of Ha Long Bay
  2. Marble Mountains

You can also enjoy the famous major entertainment complex called Happyland, in which you can relish the rally racing and amusement parks. For your ease, you can book a room in the five-star hotels located nearby. The famous cuisines of Vietnam are also a must-taste thing. So, go around increasing your knowledge, or enjoy tasty cuisines; Vietnam serves its tourists right always.

5. Philippine


With up to 7000 islands, Philippine is the second-largest archipelago. You can find lush green islands, and some others constitute rainforest islands. While there are some which make the volcanic island and some others are hidden to lagoons. All these ranges of islands provide tourists with a variety of options. Tourism makes a major portion of the economy of the Philippine. The rich biodiversity is the main attraction for tourists who travel from all over the world to get hold of this scenic beauty and rich diversity.

The culture and history of a place play an important role in the tourism of that place. Philippine is rich in culture and history, which has made it a popular tourist destination.

6. Cambodia


Next in line is Cambodia, a place known for Angkor Wat. Angkor Wat is the winning card for Cambodia as it draws tourists each year towards it. It is considered the largest religious buildings in the world and also known as the ‘Wonders of the World.’ It is most preferred that a three day trip to Cambodia is worth the fun if you are sure of the places that you want to see. December to March is considered as a perfect time to visit this place as it is flowing with a pleasant atmosphere and weather.

With such vibrant cities and spectacle temples, Cambodia does not disappoint its visitors. Amazing monuments, buildings, and temples surround this place. So, go along exploring history along with having fun at Cambodia.

7. Singapore


Known for its clean streets and beautiful views, Singapore is the only Island City State in the world. Singapore’s economy is majorly supported by tourism, Attracting more than 17 million tourists each year. It is such a peaceful place as it is known for the lowest crime rates and maintenance of natural heritage.

You can find a balance in the green lands skyscrapers. The peaks and troughs of Singapore are amazingly spectacular. However, Singapore is rich in culture and history as well as it has a good range of museums. One interesting fact about Singapore is that chewing gums are prohibited here, so you better not sneak any of those little things in your pockets.

8. Kingdom of Bhutan

Kingdom of Bhutan

Bhutan is famous for its natural beauty; forests, cultural heritage, and bio-diversity. Covering over 72% of the place with forest, Bhutan is rich in bio-diversity and greenery. The place is surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains, which add in its natural magic.

A fun fact about Bhutan would be that they have mandatory clothing for their civilians who give a sense of rich culture and civilization. Adding more to it, the atmosphere in Bhutan is so pleasant due to the importance of happiness in this place. They have a scale for measuring the Gross National Happiness. Isn’t this interesting? A country that is so concerned about the happiness of its people, just imagines how well they would treat their tourists.

9. Nepal

Nepal is one of the Best Places to Visit in Asia

Nepal is not a very rich country, and all that makes its economy is agriculture, the textile industry, and tourism. If you are a passionate hiker or mountaineer, then Nepal is just the right place for you. Overloading with rich and breath-taking sceneries, Nepal is dominated and defined by the Himalayas. It is also home to the world’s largest mountain, Mount Everest.

You can unfold some great cultural history if you remember to pay a visit to the capital city, Kathmandu, which is known as ‘City of Temples’ due to its religious sites. In addition to this, you enjoy the sparkling rivers and magnificent plains of Nepal as well.

10. Pakistan

Pakistan is One of the Best Places to Visit in Asia

Re-defining its tourism, Pakistan would not disappoint you either. Tourism contributes about $7.6 billion in the economy of Pakistan. It had to face a setback when terrorists had scared away the tourist. However, Pakistan gained its stability and came back in the field with much more to offer. It showed the world that it was no less than others.

From rivers to lakes, from mountains to cliffs, one can find all kinds of natural beauty in Pakistan. The grand mosques, temples, and buildings, along with forts, have kept the rich culture and histories of this place safe.

11. Indonesia


Another place filled with islands in Indonesia. It is the world’s largest Island Country. It has more than 18000 islands covering a huge area. Such a large number of islands provide a diverse range and unique sceneries. You can study various religions in Indonesia as it is filled with people following different religions. This variety of people also results in a variety of cuisines to fulfill the taste buds of everyone.

A place in Indonesia, Bali is famous for its beautiful beaches while Borneo is home to wonderful wildlife. If you want more than that, then ‘Emerald of Equator’ is a place that no one can miss.

12. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Adding to the list is Sri Lanka, which is also known as teardrop of India due to its shape on the map. The large variety of animals is the most attractive thing for the tourists who are amused by the wide range of animals and creatures found here. Kids relish this place a lot due to the parks and wildlife.

If you are a tea lover, then Sri Lanka is the best place to visit in Asia as it has the biggest business in tea. One thing that you need to be careful about is that you might see signs saying ‘hotel,’ however, it is commonly used for coffee houses, restaurants, and other dining in places. So, make sure that you are not misguided by such signs. A unique attraction in Sri Lanka is the oldest human tree planted, which is about 2300 years old.

13. Oman


Are date lovers reading this? Oman has over 8 million date palm trees, which provide a range of dates to satisfy your taste. They famously serve dry dates with coffee. Oman depicts the true cultural heritage of Arabic style with the artifacts and architecture preserved for the tourists.

Unlike its neighbors, Oman provides a different kind of entertainment to its visitors with deserts and oasis as attraction instead of mountains and rivers. A unique thing about Oman is that it has a bazaar that is solely accustomed to females who can enjoy shopping freely. No males are allowed in this bazaar.

14. Maldives


It is an island comprising of more than 1190 coral islands gathered in its 26 atolls. An interesting fact is that 99% of the Maldives is water. Thus, go around swimming, boating, or water skiing. The amount of water is more than enough to fulfill your adventurous desires. It is one of the safest holiday destinations to enjoy.

The beauty of Maldives cannot be less admired. The way it is breath-taking above the water. Similarly, it is amazingly sparkly underneath the water. The perfect white sand beach is the favorite of all tourists. The Maldives is in the list of the best destinations to explore in 2020.

15. Malaysia


The most famous places to visit in Asia for coastal tourism in Malaysia. Its second-largest source of foreign income comes from tourism, so just imagine how famous it is among travelers and tourists. It contains some of the oldest and most incredible rainforests on Earth. It is a very multi-cultural and diverse country as it is home to Indians, Pakistanis, Chinese, and many more. Such a wide range of people results in a wide range of cuisines which can make you lick your fingers. You can have a closer look at nature in Malaysia, along with having a glance of the most spectacular islands and beaches.

Malaysia did face a setback after the flooding and terrorist attacks; however, its tourist industry rose back to prosperity in no time.

Asia is filled with all that you need. It can accommodate the desires of all its tourists with such a wide and diverse range of countries. Enjoy the best Asian vacations, and make a memorable trip. Thus, list down your likes and dislikes, and accordingly shortlist your favorite place of visit.

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