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Dubai Itinerary

How to Spend 4 Days in Dubai

Dubai’s sheer brilliance attracts millions of travellers every year. This destination has an array of remarkable attractions, amusement parks, and recreational hubs. This makes it one of the best vacation spots in the world. Dubai City is continuously adding new features to its skyline, doubling its uniqueness each year and allowing you to explore something new every time you visit. Visitors to Dubai are often overwhelmed when choosing what activities to include in their holiday plan as the emirate has a wide array of great options. The best way to tackle this dilemma is to chart out a plan that combines the modern vibes of Dubai. Moreover, the nightlife, archaic experiences, and theme park attractions. Check out this 4-Days in Dubai itinerary – a sample guide designed on these points to give you an idea of what to explore in Dubai.

Day 1: Dubai at night

Relax and enjoy the city. Take some time to refresh from the long flight and head for an evening tour of the town with a Dubai Cruise. You can choose a Dhow cruise experience at Dubai Marina or Dubai Canal to explore the illuminated scenery of the Dubai city skyline. A dhow cruise with dinner option is one of the best ways to start your vacation in Dubai. You are, moreover, fused with traditional entertainment and modern vibes with a choice of either dining an Arabian cuisine or international epicurean delights.

Dhow Cruise

Dubai Marina’s dazzling waterfront or Dubai Canal’s fascinating water route that meanders through towering Burj Khalifa, JW Marquis, and the Business Bay Bridge are enchanting to view at night. Likewise, you can opt for a Dubai cruise and later head to one of the sleek and stylish rooftop restaurants in Dubai. At last, you will love to enjoy a scrumptious dinner while viewing Dubai’s scintillating skyline from up above.

Day 2: Dubai in daytime

Once you have seen Dubai after dusk and from afar. Still there is time to be introduced up close to the beauty of these manmade creations. Start early in the morning with a trip to Downtown Dubai, home to three iconic landmarks of Dubai – Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain, and Dubai Mall. Later, head to Dubai Parks and Resorts, the ultimate playground for families and friends to enjoy a day filled with laughter, thrill, and fun. At Dubai Parks and Resorts, you get the option to explore a variety of theme parks. Such as Bollywood Parks resort, Motiongate Dubai, LEGOLAND Dubai, and LEGOLAND water park. You can opt for the theme park as per your interest and spend the rest of the day enjoying this incredible attraction of Dubai.

Day 3: Dubai in a whole new light

Today, let’s leave the futuristic, sophisticated areas of Dubai behind and explore the humble beauty of Old Dubai. This rustic enclave along Dubai Creek allows you to catch a glimpse of the city’s old-world charms. Enjoy the incredible contrasting shoreline views of Old Dubai with the modern skyscrapers looming in the background at Dubai Creek on an abra ride. A visit to Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood and Dubai Souks will take you back in time where everything exudes simplicity. Check out some fantastic restaurants to relish traditional Middle Eastern cuisine in Old Dubai. Don’t forget to shop for some souvenirs at Dubai Souks to take home as memories. Check out Ras Al Khor Wildlife sanctuary – a bird lover’s paradise tucked right into the heart of the city. Wind up your day with a visit to Dubai Frame, which ideally offers you a fascinating view of old and modern Dubai.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

Day 4: Dubai in its proper form

Take your last day in Dubai to explore Dubai’s backyard – the vast Arabian desert. This gave rise to one of the world’s largest cities. Dubai is a desert city, and you wouldn’t realize this until you reach the end of your journey. Throughout your journey of the skyscraper-sheathed town, this thought would rarely have crossed your mind. Visiting the Arabian desert makes this a reality. As per your departure flight timings, begin your desert adventure early in the morning or during the afternoon.

Safari Desert

Dubai’s desert is a perfect playground for some fascinating desert sports adventures which you can enjoy on Dubai desert safaris. If you are not into experience, you can take a hot air balloon trip. As well as, a camel ride to enjoy the serene scenery of the golden dunes. Regardless of which option you choose? Dubai’s desert will prove to be one of the most captivating experiences. After all you will remember long after your visit has ended.

Some extra tips :

Check out Dubai’s seasonal attractions that are a must-visit if you happen to be visiting during the winter months (October – April). Winter is the time of year when Dubai Miracle Garden and Global Village are the most popular attractions in Dubai. Those in the mood for splurging and retail therapy can also enjoy the annual mega shopping event; Dubai Shopping Festival that happens every December.

Miracle Garden - Dubai Itinerary
Dubai Miracle Garden

For the adrenaline junkies, Dubai Resorts and Parks can be substituted with Aquaventure water park or a day filled with water-sport activities, skydiving, and much more. The city of Dubai is home to a wide variety of adrenaline-fueled activities ranging from mild to extreme. A must-try for anyone who loves the high-speed thrills.

You may find that four days is much less time than you expected to spend in Dubai, and you wish you had more time. With the Dubai visa extension options, you can extend your stay and have more time to explore Dubai. You can even extend your visa without leaving the UAE.


Despite its diminutive size, Dubai is a city with a lot to offer and has come a long way from being just a sleepy Middle Eastern port town. Even though the emirate offers a significant number of things to do, they cannot all be accomplished in a single trip. Therefore, it would be a good idea to list out your interests and shortlist them. It will help you decide how many days you would like to spend in Dubai and what places to visit. Just like this four days in Dubai itinerary, it would be best to explore all aspects of Dubai – a little bit of everything Dubai offers to ensure an enriching experience even if you are only visiting for a short time.

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